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If you are going to have a truly energy efficient home in the 21st century then you must consider making it a “smart home”. Smart home automation is earning swift acknowledgment among consumers around the world. In today’s digital world, a lot of prominences is given to the technologies that make daily lives comfortable and easy. Automation is one of such flourishing technologies gaining advancements in terms of innovation and applications at a supersonic pace. Since most of these devices are controlled via smartphone and tablets, leading mobile app development companies have been taking huge advantage of this by creating a highly functional app. Of course, where there is a smartphone, there is an app as well!
Can you imagine a smart home with an app? I am sure, you will not agree with this. In this blog, you will explore the list of the best smart home mobile apps, letting you control your home on your fingertips!
But wait! Why not take a quick recap of smart home technology as there are many people who are still not aware of this amazing technology. Have a look-

Smart Home Technology: An Intro

What if all the devices in your life you see could connect to the internet? Sounds great right? Not just computers and smartphones, but everything: clocks, speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, water heaters, appliances etc. And what if those devices could all communicate, send you information, and take your orders? It’s not science invention; it’s the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s a key component of home automation and smart homes.
I am sure that there is no one who would not love being able to control lighting, entertainment and temperature from their couch. Whether you’re at work or on holiday, the smart home will alert you about happenings around your home, and security systems can be built to provide an enormous amount of help in an emergency.

Here are some major benefits of smart home technology-
Protect Your Home and Belongings
Trim Your Energy Bills
Home Monitoring
Save Money on Insurance
Camera Surveillance

Evolution of Mobile Apps in Smart Home

Considering the wide benefits, interest of consumers has grown significantly. In fact, the growing interest in the smart home space has prompted a large number of players to enter the smart home ecosystem with their own devices, platforms, and solutions. Android and iOS app developers have taken the major advantage of this across the globe.
According to a recent analysis, it has been evaluated that Over 80% of smartphone and tablet users who own a smart home device have downloaded mobile apps for their devices. An international research firm has calculated the app usage habits for smart home devices.

For iPhone and Android app development companies, this is really a great opportunity to develop home automation apps in order to provide customers ease and convenience.

Best Smart Home Apps You Must Use

Both Apple App Store and Google Play Store having around 800,000 apps available, therefore it’s hard to choose the best. Here are my favorite apps created by top-notch app developers to guide you in your hunt for a smarter home!

Control4 MyHome

If you have a Control4 system, then you are definitely using a universally minded app. You can view the status of any connected device in your home, control that device, create scenes, play audio and video, adjust heating, lighting and more. With such wide-ranging control options, you will be able to compact command of all your various smart home devices.

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Amazon Alexa

Are you aware of Alexa? The most popular virtual assistance created by Amazon. Now, Alexa Android app is a popular one that lets you setup Alexa-enabled devices, listen to music, create shopping lists, get news updates and much more. You can use voice commands and interface with both Echo and the wide range of compatible devices that play nicely with it. In fact, Alexa adapts to your voice, language and personal preferences.


Paired with the Nest Thermostat, this amazing smartphone Android and iOS app let you adjust and program the temperature in your home from anywhere with an internet connection. The app offers deeper benefits, such as showing how much energy is used every day, creating monthly reports and helping craft a better plan to become more efficient.

Smart Home Surveillance Picket

Nest is in my list is Smart Home Surveillance Picket, which is another IP camera app. The app allows you to keep an eye on your home. This one also works best with Google Drive and offers motion detection alerts, night vision mode, UHD compatibility and more. It is an expert app with lots of features. With this app, you can turn spare smartphones and tablets into home surveillance cameras that you can watch while you’re away.


The WeMo app is designed to work with a suite of friendly easy-to-use products over the internet from your smartphone. The app developers have included several functions, such as Insight Switch, to show you how much energy your devices are using, Light Switch, to let you turn all the lights in the home on or off,  and NetCam, which activates home automation features when you walk in the door.

Closing Remarks

That’s all! I hope now you will definitely pick your Smartphone to download these apps. Do share your experience in the comments section. Do you also have an app idea for iOS or Android? Hire Fluper, we are UAE’s top app developers! Talk to our team and get 60% off on app development.

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Being a Web Tech Lead and with a relevant experience, Vinay Kumar has gained the art of team and project handling to get the best out of them. During his career, he never stops learning new things. Talking about his interest, he is currently exploring innovative technologies that can bring transformation to businesses.

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