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Skype is famous as a video calling application, and to a few extents it is due to its texting feature set has been a little underdeveloped. Recently, the organization is working to alter that image by introducing a series of enhancements to Skype’s chatting feature so that it can stay ahead from its other rivals applications. Taking about one of the most helpful features it has lately launched is support for Message Drafts.

Similar to mail, any text you type in Skype; however, don’t yet forward is stored within the interaction with a “draft” tag linked. That manner, you can go back to the message, in order to complete it and forward it later.

Skype New Features 1

It is a feature, which would be wonderful to view other messaging clients adopt and given how much of contemporary business, as well as personal interaction, takes place external of email.

People have wished for the capability of drafting and scheduling iMessage texts for a long— so much so that talented developers introduced app-based workarounds to fulfill users’ requirements.  A few people also type up message in Notepad, waiting for the precise moment to forward them.

In other email-motivated addition, Skype is even introducing the aptitude to bookmark essential messages. In order to  access this choice, you only need to long-press a text (on mobile) or make a right-click (on desktop), then click to the option of “Add Bookmark.” It will add the text or message to your bookmarks display for trouble-free retrieval.

Skype New Features 2

You will even now to be competent to preview files, videos, and photos before you forward them via messages — a valuable enhancement, although one that’s extra about playing catch-up to other chatting applications than being mainly innovative.

Skype New Feature 3

In case, you are sharing a bulk of videos or photos all at once; Skype is going to systemize them now wholly. Rather than overwhelming recipients with a big set of images, the pictures are grouped in a manner that’s more ordinary to what you would view on social media. That is, simply a few are showcased while the other veil at the back of a “+” button you need to hit to see more.

Skype New Feature 4

Unassociated with the messaging, enhancements, Skype even introduced split-window compatibility for all editions of Mac, Windows, and Linux. The support for Windows 10 was already available.

Although Skype is one of the older texting applications, it is not the most popular or largest, claiming merely 300 million monthly active users contrasted to WhatsApp’s 1.5B, for instance.

Nonetheless, it’s superior to perceive its team moving back to resolving actual consumer pain points instead of attempting for cloning Snapchat since it wrongly struggled to do not excessively long ago. Fortunately, those modifications were rolled back. The users of Skype appreciated two critical things about it the application,i.e. it’s ease-of-use, and the focus on productivity. Moreover, these modifications are focused on that way.

External of the continued access to split view, mentioned above, all the additional new attributes are introducing across all Skype podiums, the organization says.


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Anshuman Kumar

Anshumann Kumar, in his role as Delivery Manager at Fluper, has been streamlining the technical complications that come in a bundle when building modern and innovative mobile applications. An issue solver by day and analytical reader by night, Mr. Anshumann always try his hands at the latest technological innovations so that the clients always get something unique.

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