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Microsoft on Wednesday announced the new and light version of skype app especially made for India along with some features that will help the company to grow its base in the country. The new app named Skype Lite is coming with ability to work on slow internet speeds as on 2G and 3G.

The 13MB heavy app, also features the data saving in case you are running low on data. It will showcase the data usage on cellular data and Wi-Fi separately.

Microsoft claims that the new app will be best suited for the markets like India where the internet speeds are low and data management is an issue. The app has been launched on all the three important platforms Android, iOS and Windows.

The “made for India” app allows to call and send SMS with itself. However, to make calls or to send SMS, cellular signals will come handy. The app is so efficient at low speeds because it compresses the images before sending. The dark theme introduced in the app saves the battery and also it is easier to look into the app for long. The app also features integrated camera UI in chats because of this you can just swipe right to take photos and send them instantly.

Users can still use the previous app, and the video emoji cannot be accessed on the Lite app. But the most unique feature of the app is the use of Aadhar authentication. The app can be mapped to the Aadhar details of the user. According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, with the Aadhar authentication government and private service providers can do Skype calls with ‘Aadhar Verified’ users. Nadella says, “Your next Skype Job interview might need Aadhar verification. You can soon enter your Aadhar number over Skype to verify yourself for an interview. The service can be extended for government services as well”.

Skype Lite also features the bots, and the best part is that Andhra Pradesh Government has already released “AP Transport Authority” bot to enable citizens to get information regarding driving licenses and other instantly by chatting on the Skype Lite app.

Satya Nadella is currently on the Indian tour. He signed the deal with Flipkart previous day in Bengaluru apart from meeting the CM of Andhra Pradesh. He will also meet several entrepreneurs innovating in financial-technology services, retail, healthcare, etc.

Although it is good to see the Skype Lite app coming because low net speed is a reality in India. But the performance of the app is yet to be unfolded.

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