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Once you share chats with anyone on WhatsApp, the server automatically deletes those chats when they are received by the recipient. This simply means that retrieving deleted messages from WhatsApp is a hard nut to crack. A useful feature for WhatsApp will now enable you to recover all those deleted chats on your smartphone and here is how you can do it.

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Generally, users opt to save their chats on Google Drive for android & iCloud for iOS. This cloud backup will help you retrieve your deleted messages. The chat backups take place during 2 to 4 am in morning when users are less likely to use the app. This means if you deleted a message or entire chat today, you just have to uninstall the app without performing a new backup and then re-install it to restore early morning backup.

However, if you don’t want to use cloud backups, you can go to your File Manager settings, navigate through the Android folder, find the WhatsApp folder, and open the databases folder inside. You just have to rename the older backups that you want to restore. This will direct WhatsApp to use file that is renamed as the latest backup. However, this will lose all chat messages that were received after the older backup was made, but it is the only way out to recover deleted WhatsApp messages using your phone.

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