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Voice user interfaces are a mounting presence in the UX domain – but several factors make it a good voice UI? Here are some key usability guidelines for any enterprise app development company.


What is a Voice User Interface?

The Voice User Interface implies an interface that enables human voice interaction with a system, such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa.

voice user interface

It also allows hands-free and eyes-free interaction with a system. For effective voice interactions, it contains three layers required to work together, as in the case of mobile apps that run on any OS or device. Out of the three layers, the upper two layers accommodate the voice interface that resides in the cloud and not in the device. One of the three layers supports the one above it and uses the layer lying below. If you are planning to hire a front end developer, look for the one who has complete command over VUI’s basics.

Reasons For Its Popularity

It is a user-friendly and convenient mode of interaction or communication that involves voice and not typing the text for searching a particular topic or subject. Not everyone is acquainted with the keyboard and typing the words conveniently. They have to make efforts to locate words and to speak; on the other hand, it is convenient for any ipad app development company.


User Research For VUI

User research enables understanding the needs and behavior of the user through observations. It helps in enhancing research methodology experts in identifying user needs and helping them see how and where to use voice as a mode of interaction. A customer’s various stages of engagement, which includes voice as a channel, are tracked through customer journey mapping by the researchers.

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In cases where a customer journey map needs to be created, there is a need to identify voice interactions factoring into user flow or to see improving user flow with voice interactions, where mapping already exists.

For example, the conversation repeatedly inquired about via social media can be integrated into voice apps by any mobile app development company.

research for vui

Competitor Analysis

The designers adopt the implementation of voice interactions being done by the application development company under competitor analysis. The competitor customers’ queries about the use case, voice commands, and app reviews need to be analyzed to make use of for improvements.

Requirements Sought

The most significant part of voice designing is user requirements that can be conducted through interviews.

The information gathered shall be beneficial in covering the entire design specs for the developers to implement the design. The different scenario needs to be visualized before converting them into conversational dialogue flow to be undertaken between the voice assistant and the game app development company.

Voice Command Anatomy

The anatomy of the voice command is important before the creation of a dialogue flow. The objective of voice interactions is foremost in the minds of the developers. It needs to be understood that there are three components of a user’s voice command, and these are intent, utterance, and slot.

For example, a user’s request: “Play relaxing music on Spotify.”

voice command anatomy

Intent or the Objective

There are broadly two kinds of users’ voice command intents, one being a low utility, and the other is high utility interaction.

With high utility interaction, it implies that the user has a very specific task to be undertaken. These kinds of commands are easier to design.

While the low utility interaction is vague and random, such as an inquiry about a city or a town, supplementary questions need to be put forth to the user for better understanding. In the above example, the intent is to listen to music.


A sentence or a command can be uttered in several ways that need to be taken into account by the designers to help the AI engine recognition and link the request to the right response. Like in the above example, the request can be made in two ways, so these options must be taken into account by the ionic app development company.


The slots are those form fields that can be optional, depending on what is required to complete the request. In these cases, the intent is required supplementary information from the user for meeting out the request of a web application development company.

As in the above example, ‘relaxing’ is a slot, but it is optional because the request can still accede. The optional inputs do overwrite default values.

Prototyping of VUI Conversations

The VUI conversations need to be prototyped with dialog flows because it is a script illustrating back-and-forth conversation between a user and a voice assistant. The dialogue flows once mapped, must be prototyped with voice interactions. The dialogue flow outlines (a) the keywords are leading to a conversation; (b) branches representing conversation direction; (c) example dialogues for the user and voice assistant. 

Practical Tips

Simple Communication in VUI Designing

VUI designing involves disseminating information through voice and words, and in case complex information and data are conveyed, it becomes all the more difficult. Therefore, designers need to use words that ease conversations and fulfill user’s objectives.

Task Completion Confirmation

With a view for the user to know that the transaction has been successfully recorded, the screen shows that final confirmation and the same principle applies to VUI.


Times are witnessing notable advancements in the field of app development. Voice user interface UI indeed is all but revolutionary outcomes – even if the concept of voice related to digital products has been around for a while. By considering the above-mentioned tips and strategies, a web application development company can easily work on the app development procedures.



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