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What do frameworks help us in?

Web app development has helped many businesses across the globe make their presence felt in the digital market. Frameworks are essential in the process of web development as they support and provide a skeleton to the web development. It provides a blueprint to the development process and provides a standard way to build an app or a web application. They help the developer implement  common elements which reduces  development time and allows the developers to focus on application logic instead of basic and routine parts of developing the application. This is why choosing and implementing the right framework can save the developer a lot of time and effort.

What is Python?

What is PythonPython is one of the most popular programming languages that is extensively used by developers all over the global market. Python is an object-oriented programming language. Python framework is a collection of packages or modules, that helps the web developers use them to create web applications. Python frameworks help the developers handle the more complex issues rather than spend a lot of time on basic details like protocols, sockets or process/thread management. The versatility of Python frameworks is one thing that has attracted developers for a very long time.

Things to consider before settling on a Python Framework

Things to consider before settling on a Python FrameworkConsider the size and complexity of your project before deciding on a python framework from the Python frameworks list. If you want to develop an app or web application that is relatively larger and has multiple features and requirements,a full-stack framework can be used. However if the app is on the smaller and simpler side, a micro framework might be the better option. Whether you also want to keep the option of scaling your app horizontally and vertically open, try choosing python frameworks from the Python frameworks list that give you this option.

Python frameworks list you can choose from

Python frameworks list you can choose from


Django is one of the most famous Python frameworks that enables developers to build complex applications and code faster. It is an open-source, high-level, full-stack Python framework. One of the most exciting features of Django is the automation and its belief in the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle.

  Features of Django:

  1. Multiple libraries
  2. Authentication
  3. URL routing
  4. template engine
  5. object-relational mapper (ORM)
  6. database schema migrations (Django v.1.7+)

Django’s robust yet simple mechanism makes it a fan favorite among users.


Flask is another one of the Python frameworks available under the BSD license inspired by  the Sinatra Ruby framework.Flask uses the Werkzeug WSGI toolkit and Jinja2 template. It is a microframework which implies that it can be used for building simpler and smaller apps or web applications developed by Android App Development Company and IOS App Development Company. The SQLAlchemy package that connects the apps to the SQL database with the help of the database URL.

 Features of Flask:

  1. HTTP solicitation
  2. Suitable for Google App engine
  3. Lightweight framework
  4. Unicode based
  5. Debugger
  6. Plugin support for ORM


Web2Py is an open-source  full-stack web development framework from the Python Frameworks list. It is one among the free-to-use and scalable Python frameworks. With the help  of the built-in IDE support, developers can deploy the website with one click and also have the flexibility to edit and debug the apps whenever required. Web2py can also help build hybrid apps which can be maintained without external support.With the algorithms such as MD5 or HMAC + SHA-512 hash, Web2Py provides amazing security to stored sensitive credentials.

Features of the Web2Py:

  1. fork without stretching MySQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FireBird, Oracle, etc
  2. Installation not required
  3. Follows MVC architectural pattern
  4. Can read multiple protocols
  5. Role-based access control
  6. Support for internationalization


CherryPy is one of the python microframes that embeds the multi hung server used by  Android App Development Company and IOS App Development Company. CherryPy is an object-oriented framework that comes with an HTTP/1.1-compliant WSGI multi-threaded web server. The applications that are developed with the CherryPy framework are standalone Python apps. This is why they do not require an Apache server to run and can run on all Python OSes such as Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. It also allows the developers at an Android App Development Company or IOS App Development Company to run multiple servers at a single point of time.


Pyramid is another one of the python frameworks that is becoming increasingly popular among developers across the world. It is a versatile fullstack framework that can help developers build both small scale and large scale apps.

Features Of Pyramid:

  1. URL Generator
  2. Builds small and large apps
  3. Function Decorator
  4. Authorization & Authentication flexibility
  5. Supports Testing & Data Documentation
  6. Can build single file applications


Hug is a Python 3 API development framework. It gives the developers the option to reuse codes. Hug is a one framework from the python framework list which via offering various interfaces simplifies API development. This makes Hug one of the fastest frameworks in Python 3. The Hug framework is built on top of another JSON framework, Falcon.

Key features of Hug:

  1. Automatic documentation
  2. Annotation-powered validation
  3. Compliance with Cython
  4. Usability as a Python library


Bottle is a lightweight WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface) small scale Python framework. It was initially used for developing web APIs by  Android App Development Company and IOS App Development Company. Bottle runs codes in the form of a single source document. Bottle is a microframework python framework. It has the capability of streamlining the association of many web frameworks along with prototyping. Features like the inclusion of  utilities, directing, templating, fundamental extraction. Bottle has a single module feature and is easy to learn, making it quite popular amongst web developers. Python versions 2 and 3 also support the Bottle platform. It is solely dependent on the Python Standard Library.

Key features of Bottle :

  1. Routing
  2. Templating
  3. Utilities
  4. Basic abstraction over the WSGI standard.


Android App Development Company and IOS App Development Company have a long python framework list to choose from. Although the list is never ending, it is important to evaluate the needs of the company as well as the application or website before choosing the perfect framework.

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