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Gaming is nowadays has become a way of living for most of us, and for that instance itself, PUBG has its upper hand on the mobile gaming industry. To maintain that goodwill among their users, Tencent (PUBG developers) just announced news that most of you have been waiting for. A prize pool has been decided for their club open tournament and believe it or not, it is the biggest money pool in the history of this game.

To compete against growing multiplayer combat games, PUBG has always put its best foot forward. To the extent of standards, PUBG has really set the bar to the maximum, and honestly, it’ll be a tough job for Fortnite and Apex legends to exceed that.

The PUBG mobile club open has been divided into two parts, namely; the spring split and the fall split. Know this, both these categories have their own prize pool and finals. The mont of July will be dedicated for the spring split. Tencent has also stated that this going to be huge than the last year’s PUBG mobile star challenge 2018.

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Now let’s talk about the rules and regulations that one must keep in mind. The first and foremost principle to remember is that the participants will be based on their rank in the last season, i.e. an individual must have a platinum rank to participate. As far as the registration is concerned, the dates have been set from 8th to 18th of March. You can register yourself via the game’s official website.

PUBG is also planning an update that’ll allow the users who are not in the competitive way of gaming to convert their battle coins to unknown cash. By spending this unknown cash, you’ll have the access to purchase exclusive weapon skins and outfits. With this update, instead of playing with your team, solo players have been targeted to perform in the bonus challenge, you can rule this challenge if you are worthy enough of course. So, if you are willing to enter, make sure that you must have bonus challenge vouchers or unknown cash as an alternative.

Three tiers are specially assigned for this exclusive bonus challenge – novice, adept and expert. Every single kill will grant points to the respective skill set of the player for example novice will be awarded 15 points, adept will have 30 points, and experts will get 45 points every time they kill a player. Know this, every single point is equivalent to one battle coin with 1500 as maximum earnings. The bonus challenge will be available for iOS, Android and even for PC emulator players and keep in mind that in game player limit is 60 instead of 100 like usual.

PUBG announced $2 million dollar pool in their club open 2019

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