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The logistics sector across the country has been growing by leaps and bounds and has the potential to draw in more profit through the implementation of a dedicated app or website. As the world comes closer, people have been changing their homes in search of a better quality of life. However, uprooting your entire life and moving from one place to another is no easy feat. Relocating comes with its fair share of problems which includes dealing with heavy furniture, fragile objects, plants, and so on and so forth. Moreover, each individual has a specific kind of routine as well as a list of items in mind when shifting from one place to another. This need for a personalized and fast logistics service can be utilized to take your business to the next level.

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Features of Movers & Packers App-

The cost of packers and movers has been on the rise for the last couple of years, though the sector is mismanaged. To provide the best cost of packers and movers, one has to plan to develop an app or website. The features of packers & movers mobile app also influence the cost of service.

The Features of packers & Movers mobile app that can make your business a success

The Features of packers & Movers mobile app that can make your business a success.

  1. Navigation – In-app navigation services can help the customer. Users can set where the goods need to be picked up and where they will be dispatched. Users can also request the service providers to change the location.
  2. Sign-up and account creation- New users can create a profile on the app that keeps a track of their previous orders as well as keeps all their online documents safe.
  3. Real-time trafficking– One of the most important features of packers & movers mobile app is the ability to track the real-time progress of the goods that are moved.
  4. Push notifications– With this provision, users can receive notifications regarding the drivers appointed for carrying out their service as well as the expected time of arrival of the fleet.
  5. Multiple Payment Service– the cost of packers and movers app depends a lot on the variety of payment services provided to the user. Packers and movers app development cost depends on the ease of access and the number of features provided to the user.
  6. In-app Chat– An in-app chat feature makes sure that the user always has the option to directly talk to the driver or the person in charge in case of any complications. They can moreover ask and resolve any number of queries with the driver directly without any mediator.
  7. Cost Calculator – The probable cost of packers and movers app can be evaluated and calculated on the app itself before the user decides on confirming the service.

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Packers and movers app development cost-

Packers and movers app development costThe cost of developing an app depends on multiple factors which encompasses the kind of features you want to add to your app, the number of platforms that you want your app to run and so on. The greater the number of facilities that you want to provide to your customer the greater the packers and movers app development cost. The average cost of developing such an app might range from $5000 to $14000.

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