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Microsoft stated on Wednesday that it will disclose “the next generation of Windows” on June 24. This movement arrives a week after Satya Nadella, CEO mocked vital enhancements to the OS of PCs for creators and developers.  best iOS Applications Development services

The predominant OS in PCs, Windows is one of the main sources of 14% of whole revenue for Microsoft. One of these most valuable companies offered two updates every single year to its Windows 10 OS since its first appearance in 2015. Nadella, lead the Windows shortly observes previous week after the organization declared that it will not ship Windows 10X. That OS was initially developed for handling dual-screen devices like the Surface Neo, which has been delayed to come. 

Microsoft Discloses Surface Laptop

The organization then sharpen its objective on single-screen PCs like laptops for Windows 10X before stating on 18th May that, they are griping learnings from their journey towards far and optimizing the integration of key root 10X technology into different parts of Windows and products at the organization instead of launching a product in 2021 market, called Windows 10X like they actually intended. Microsoft declared Windows 10’s latest update in the previous month with some slight changes. 

According to the February report from the Windows Central website, this organization is trying to bring a new Windows update with a code name Sun Valley, that has a more modern look, with rounded corners arriving in various components like the Start menu. This website also added Microsoft might ship a renovation to the app store of Windows, that going to enable developers to utilize third-party commerce systems, along with the Sun Valley update.        Finest Web Development services


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