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ByteDance–the parent company of TikTok –launched its own test program, Resso, unexpectedly in November. The streaming music service now officially launches in India, with other companies such as Apple Music, JioSaavn and Spotify. By being the first shared media site, the music streaming service wants to make it unique.


User Interface and Social Elements

The user interface of Resso differs slightly from what you might see in other music services. A vertical carousel of Your Daily Mix songs is put in the zero panel of this program. The current track takes the entire screen and shows the text of the song, a key feature of the program.

Lyrics will potentially also be exchanged with what Resso calls text cards. Lyric cards are simply sharable pictures of lyrics with your favorite history. This is one part of the social role of Resso.

ByteDance–the parent company of TikTok

In addition to the songs, brief videos that Resso calls Vibes will also be shown. Such sounds can be modified in line with what you like. In fact, users can also upload their own images, apart from the Vibes that other users submit. This is another pillar of the collective bet of Resso.

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Comments are the third and central pillar of the presentation on the social agenda. Every music on Resso will also have a comment section that lets users vote on the album.

In this way, Resso strives to trigger rather than passive the music listening experience. Though I do not fully endorse the operation of the study, it is quite interesting to add a comments section.

Music Library

Although Resso does not send us a number of tracks, they ensure that most tracks are accessible on the website. Resso has agreements with foreign companies such as Sony Music Entertainment, the Warner Music Group, the T-Series, Saregama, Zee Music, YRF Music, Times Music, Tips, Venus, and Schemaroo.

Resso also ties to foreign labels such as Speed Records, Lahiri Music, Anand Audio and Muzik 24. When Resso’s marks are added to it, it shouldn’t be complicated for you to locate tracks. Resso also stated that they are in the process of signing deals on more labels to extend library further.



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