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YouTube is said to be considering offering third parties access to Amazon and Apple users — and keeping people active in the Google community.

According to a new report from The Times, the organization aims to provide clients with the opportunity to enter “a wide range of premium streaming services provided by entertainment companies.” In essence, YouTube could permit users to buy subscriptions to services on networks such as Showtime, HBO, Netflix, CBS All Access, etc.


A number of companies are, but Amazon and Apple are two of the largest business providers and are already supplying their clients with their items. Amazon Prime Video subscribers (the company currently has 150 million Prime members who are all members of Amazon Prime Video) and Apple Hardware users are able to subscribe to Amazon’s Amazon Channels or TV websites via their respective programs and websites.

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Instead, Amazon and Apple take a portion of profits from each payment obtained by the different services. According to The Economist, BMO Capital Markets predicted that Amazon’s “crease in 2019 to $3.6 billion from its platforms would be $2.6 billion” in 2020. Amazon and Apple will leverage an increasing portion of a growing client base by selling a la carte variant of the traditional TV package which helps more people to escape and offer customers the way they wish to pay for their services without having to deal with awkward cable deals and cancelation fees.

YouTube could contend with Apple and Amazon

Google is becoming ever more interested in a good company as its YouTube subscription service increasingly increases. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said YouTube has 20 million paid premium subscribers (a combination of YouTube Premium and YouTube Music) plus 2 million internet TV subscribers, YouTube TV. That’s a growth of over 1 million Youtube TV users in less than a year, reports said. Different subscription services from YouTube are a growing company that Google particularly reports is interested in growing.

Just a quick look at the numbers shows that a business such as Google wants to enter a market. The new general audience survey of the measurement group Nielsen shows that almost 20% of all TV viewing in homes throughout the United States is generated by payroll and ad-supported streaming services. Yet 93% of people are willing to increase their payment for services.

This is what makes it possible for companies like Amazon, Apple, and Roku to offer a variety of these platforms. However, YouTube has 2 billion viewers consuming millions of hours viewing videos— every minute 500 hours footage is posted — so Google would make a case, which indicates that it is a good place to operate.


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