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icon Now, it is possible for Android users who are using Telegram to go to the Night Mode Switch quickly

icon It even brings forth the new pre-classified color schemes too

icon Also, iOS users can get quicker switching of accounts by using the update

Telegram has recently introduced a new edition 5.13 update to both iOS, as well as Android users of its chatting application. The revised version conveys an innovative theme editor, which consists of the capability of building themes with color patterns and gradients. Moreover, it gives a fresh choice in the programmed text attribute that is going to forward messages at the time the receiver comes online. Telegram users are all going to get the aptitude to select venues effortlessly while sharing your position or location. Users are supposed to be competent to perceive the most recent update on the Google Play Store and App Store, and we suggest installing it since it even carries a mass of performance improvements and bug fixes.


The v5.13 update of the Telegram carries a fresh Theme Editor 3.0 that allows you to tweak the approach of components in Telegram conversations with the latest gradients, and the up-gradation even consists of a host of innovative background patterns, as well as new pre-defined color schemes. The prominent trait that comes along with this revision is the ‘Send When Online’ feature. It sends messages to a receiver at the time they come online. The new choice has been appended to Scheduled Texts and is a new exciting addition to the immediate texting application. Apparently, this alternative is merely accessible if you are permitted to view the online status of the recipient.

Telegram Introduces ‘Send When Online’ Feature

With the help of this update, Telegram seems to create finding venues simpler. The attribute of position sharing has also been simplified, using which it’s feasible for users to tap a position straightforwardly on the map to choose it, instead of scrolling via a catalog of all preferences. There’s even a new search function, which lets you leap between messages consisting of the preferred keyword quickly. Tapping the base bar would shift to the list view if the user wishes to view all the outcomes on a single page. Besides, Telegram will keep in mind your previous location when recommencing playback of audio documents for more than 20 minutes.

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Telegram for Android users brings more additional attributes, such as rapid access to the night mode switch and support of Night Mode to the Maps. The up-gradation even packs smooth new animations, as well as lets you pick a piece of the message to share or copy, rather than merely the complete version.

On the other hand, on iOS, Telegram carries the capability of quicker switching of accounts, adjusting the font size all through the app, and support for exterior browsers for opening links. Besides, the Storage Usage page is redesigned to discover the settings you‘re looking for quickly, and a new, clear cache shortcut is added when the customer chooses numerous texts in a channel or group.

A List of New Updates

For Android

iconNew animations

icon The choice to switch to dark mode faster.

icon The Location sharing updates for building venue sharing effortless.

icon Video quality choice has been enhanced.

icon Alternatives to copying division of a message

icon Forwarding contacts utilizes an easy, card-style interface.

icon Choices to distribute content from additional applications with numerous friends simpler.

For iOS

icon Scale the font size all through the application and not merely the messages’ size

icon Choose an external browser.

icon Now, it is possible to customize the Share Sheet.

icon Quicker account switching.

icon Clear cache alternative when choosing numerous messages.

icon Long associate lists auto-collapse routinely.



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