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Brussels: Belgium’s center for cybersecurity just made a statement that they haven’t found any evidence against the allegations that were put on Huawei. The company was accused of being spying on us with the technology they’ve supplied all over the world.

One of the agencies that directly reports to the Belgian prime minister had been asked to analyze all the possible threats that have been posed by Huawei. As this company supplies appliances or equipment to Belgium mobile operators Proximus, Orange Belgium, and Telenet.

“Until now we haven’t found any technical indications that point towards the directions of a spying threat,” one of the spokesmen for the agency said on Monday. “We are not going to provide a final report on this matter; instead we are continuing to look at it.”

The Global market leader Huawei has been a target of a campaign by Washington since the company has ties with the Chinese government in introducing 5G networks. This campaign has a view that all the other Western countries should block this technology.

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“Trust needs to be based on facts, facts must be verifiable, and verification must be based on common standards,” Deputy Chairman Ken Hu told representatives from the EU and World Economic Forum.

Just last month, those vendors who are supplying telecoms network equipment; Germany set tougher criteria for all them. On the other hand, Germany stopped short of singling out Huawei, saying the same rules should apply to all vendors.

As per the Associated Press, the cybersecurity lab “is going to be a platform where government officials, technical experts, industry associations and standard organizations can collaborate on the critical issue of cybersecurity”. Also, this collaboration can help customers, and internet companies to test Huawei’s networking equipment.

Britain, on the other hand, rebukes Huawei publicly stating that the company has failed in fixing long-standing security flaws in its mobile network equipment and revealed new “significant technical issues”.

Although the U.K. and Germany are both the allies of the United States, both these countries house Huawei’s centers and are looking forward to cutting down the ties to a company that claims to be building the world’s first 5G railway station.

For instance, only last month there was a piece of news flying around that Huawei is conserving suing the United States Government, stating that it has unfairly blocked their all the respective agencies from using Huawei’s equipment.

As Huawei is striving hard to get the support of foreign entities and avoid U.S. accusations, the company has also offered to open a security testing facility in Poland.

However, Poland is one such country that’s likely to avoid Huawei, especially after its security services last month; a Chinese Huawei Sales Director was arrested. The allegation was that he was spying alongside a Polish employee of the telco Orange.

Earlier this week, it was reported that HCSEC (Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre) will soon be issuing a report bashing down Huawei over its security.

No “spying” evidence found against Huawei: Belgian Cyber security

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