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Start-up is referred as a newly emerged entrepreneurial venture. But the traits of startups that go on to become a large company depend on the business model. To make a startup successful it requires adopting such a technology which proves to be cost effective, quick absorption of updates, to ensure quick reaching and direct access to latest information. These traits can somehow make the startup successful. But this is great to know that these are some of the characteristics of web application development which are essential for the startups. This is somehow similar to the importance of mobile application development for startups. Before getting into the details we must be aware of web application.

It is an application that uses the website as the interface i.e. “front-end”. Web application is somewhat familiar to Gmail that performs the functions same as traditional desktop application. It is somewhat beneficial that any desktop software can be developed into web-based application.

Although it has a characteristic to provide display reports in the form of graphical form, It tries to attract and produce estimates that are available for 24*7.These characteristics of web app development is somehow makes it more significant for the start-up.


Cost Effective App

Due to this advantage, users access the system with the help of uniform environment. Since it has advantage of its access on the web browser, there is no need to develop and get it tested on all operating versions and configurations. It has enabled troubleshooting much easier, passively Flash front end and consequently it is the most cost-effective technology which is inevitable for the startups.

It ensures all the task to be done within the budget , for instance ordering of a good with the help of online catalogue s essential to keep track of orders and also on budget.


In contrast with traditional applications, it covers a wider-reach and can be accessed any time around the clock via PC accompanied with internet connection. This aspect is essential for a startup to attain long run goal.

Personalised approach

Personalised approach, in other word customization is easier rather than traditional desktop application. It allows it to update easier according to the different users group.

Covers wider range of devices

IT Sector

Since all PCs have a browser, it has zero installation cost. In addition to its feature of customising content according to the user group, content can easily be accessed on various devices such as mobile phones, low spec PCs etc. Because of this advantage it helps in report analysis, displaying of graphical reports, enables estimation of production and many more. With the help of just internet connection, it enables always-up-to-date.

This can be one of the most important requirement for a start up if wants to function 24*7.

Capable of absorbing increased workload

A company at the primary has to absorb the workload in the existed technology .All it requires to increase processor capacity, just an upgraded hardware is required to update. It can be done with the help of clustering or simultaneously running the software on many servers. It also eliminates printed material, and also allows users to update their own credentials.


Securities of confidential credentials are a must for a startup enterprise. It can easily be function on dedicated server, which are frequently supervised by the dedicated and experienced server administrators. It is rather more safe and cost-efficient than supervising hundreds or thousands of clients. This has been possible only with the help of web app development.


Web app development is key essential for startup since it is easy to develop, provides convenience for users, and the most important is its cost-effective behavior easy installation and security purpose. To remain in the mainstream it enhance further growth by making the startup enterprise always-up-to -date.

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