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GSMA is an influential association for global mobile manufacturers that was formed in 1995. It also hosts world’s largest annual exhibition on mobile industry known as Mobile World Congress. The vision of MWC 2022 Las Vegas is to unleash fullest potential of mobile communications by inviting ideas and innovations from global tech experts. MWC Las Vegas operates in partnership with CTIA for its flagship event in North America. Global tech giants and mobile industry leaders share their innovations and ideas to accelerate mobile technology driving human progress to a next level.

Date & Theme for MWC Las Vegas 2022

The event will start from 28th September to 30th September. It best represents North American wireless communications industry including carriers, equipment manufacturers, mobile app developers, and content creators. This year, the event’s theme will be “Connectivity Unleashed” that will showcase technological innovations, thought leadership, and cutting-edge exhibitors.You can reimagine and reconnect to the upcoming latest trends in mobile industry by being a part of this event.

MWC Has a New Home

MWC Has a New Home

The MWC Las Vegas event is a part of GSMA’s annual series of MWC events. It includes editions in Barcelona, Africa, and Shanghai. The event brings together some leading names from business and technology across North America. Considering its theme for this year, the event will highlight how connectivity is shaping the future and will continue to transform lives. Topics like 5G, IoT connectivity, Telco Cloud, and disruptive innovation will be primarily targeted in it.

The event will take place at Las Vegas Convention Center’s new west hall. The venue comprises 1.4 million square feet modernized space. The venue has been also awarded the Global Biorisk Advisory Council GBAC STAR Facility accreditation. The MWC Las Vegas 2022 will invite US policy makers long with some major wireless industry stakeholders.

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Key Takeaways at MWC Las Vegas 2022

The mobile operators and organizations from different corners of the world will gather at MWC Las Vegas 2022. The emphasis will be on critical aspects related to accelerating mobile connectivity along with possible security breaches. Here are some other topics that will be covered at the event.

Exploring More Secured IoT

Kore has been world’s leading IoT service provider for more than 20 years. It will offer crucial insights on making IoT devices more secured with centralized access logs and proper training of the security teams. It will help them to recognize attacks and alert patterns that use IoT endpoints. It will also primarily emphasize on manufacturing devices that employ encrypted protocols for secure communications.

Apart from this, adoption of e-sim will also on top priority. An e-sim is a programmable SIM card that is embedded inside a device that be easily connected to any mobile device. At present, there are 108 mobile network operators that support e-sim. It expects that 60% of the smartphone unit sales will be e-sim compatible in the coming years.

5G Security

There will be an equal emphasis on securing 5G network and developing a strategy that can best compliment worldwide device manufacturers. The tech experts will analyze and evaluate risks from 5G deployment. Moreover, what steps mobile manufacturers have to take to make 5G deployment more secure and effective for users.

Disruptive Innovation

The MWC Las Vegas 2022 will also highlights issues related to disruptive innovation in mobile industry. It will include both device manufacturers and mobile app developers. Disruptive innovation refers to innovating technologies that can facilitate highly sophisticated products (devices) and services (app development). This has been accessible by high-end segment of consumers till now but will soon be made accessible for broader population.

Exploring Cloud Technology to its Fullest Potential

Cloud technology keeps immense importance for any mobile app development company, tech addicts, and IT experts. The hybrid cloud will be made more secured and easily accessible for businesses to showcase their online presence through websites and mobile apps. Emphasis will be on easier data migration along with brand and business changes that have been witnessed in recent years.

You will get to discover various innovative trends and concepts related to mobile industry at MWC Las Vegas 2022. Connectivity, industry services and solutions, tackling today’s major challenges faced by mobile users will be on high priority. On the other hand, various prominent mobile companies will also launch their latest gadgets at the event along with sharing their future projects.

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