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Do you still work in a hurry to get back home and watch your favorite show on time? Perhaps no, Right? Entertainment is no longer fixed to time slots, thanks to mobile apps for bringing everything in our fingertips. Before these apps, people mostly used to depend on Television, radio or newspapers for entertainment. Suppose you wanted to watch an episode of your favorite show, but due to some reason you couldn’t watch it at a particular time, it has been telecasted. You get disappointed and wait till the next episode. What if you could watch the show you missed on your mobile?

Mobile applications will let you view your favorite movies or shows on your mobile device with just a few taps from your workplace. No doubt, content is the primary factor behind driving the entertainment and media industry. This industry is now digitalized and now it’s easy to access everything from the mobile using the internet. Now every news and entertainment channels are provided their content online.

In the last couple of years, the entertainment and media market has completely changed and grabbed mobile apps with a deep understanding of user behavior. Some of the mobile apps related to media and entertainment industries are as follows:

iconEntertainment Apps

Entertainment apps are not limited to Customer Engagement. There is a lot of business going through it.Facebook is one of the largest social media apps; you can say it is an entertainment app. Social Media Application has captured the majority of entertainment sector market share.

iconMusic Apps

These apps are also widely used in the field of entertainment and media industries. Online music apps are getting good recognition and also the number of users is increasing rapidly.

iconGaming Apps

Gaming Apps will stand at the top in the mobile application market. It is one of the most demanding businesses in the field of apps. Due to the increase in demand for mobile apps, it also raises the industry of media and entertainment.

iconLive Streaming

Live streaming with mobile apps offers games, live episodes, etc. Mobile apps help TV shows in getting more TRP. Now people can watch their favorite shows on mobile phones from anywhere at any time than watching TV.

There are Sports apps related to cricket, soccer, etc. and also News Apps that are also very popular in these industries

Why do you need a Mobile app for your Media and Entertainment business?

At present, there are more mobile devices in the world as compared to the total number of television and computers. Now the users surfing the internet more through their mobile devices, that number is also increasing with passing years. Mobile apps can provide your users with the active content they are looking for. Users can get the information while moving, eating, and driving, no matter what they are doing and where they are. There are a number of reasons for having a mobile app for your business such as;

iconIncrease your Visibility

iconEnhance Social Networking Strategies

iconBuilding Client Relationship and Loyalty

iconRepeat Business

iconCost Reduction

iconCustomer Engagement

iconYour customers are using mobile apps every time so you should be there.

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Significance of Mobile Apps for the Media and Entertainment Industry

iconTracking Trends

Using mobile apps, you can help the users to know the hottest trends in the market. Through the notifications, it keeps them updated even in your busy schedule. As it identifies the interest of users by the search history and what posts they like the most, it sends the details about the new trends of their interest, so the users do not feel that it is a waste of time going through the update notification.

iconBrand Visibility

Now a person on an average spends around 3-4 hours with their mobile phones. This is the best opportunity to grab the attention of users, by having a mobile app, you can regularly update the user with the new discounts and offers to remind them about the company’s existence so it can increase the retention of users and also helps in getting new ones. Keep users informed about a new development, and other unique things that would interest them.

iconIncrease in Sales

The primary target of having a mobile app is to let your business reach as many people as possible so that they can convert to clients and give your business. When you reach more people the chances of getting the leads increase which brings more revenue to your business.

iconSupport Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful mediums through which you can reach a wide number of targeted audiences. It has a number of platforms where you can promote your content. You can do paid promotions where people will know about you and can easily download your content from the ads. But remember that the content should be highly engaging and flawless that your users can easily read and understand as well as share. Whether its funny video, emotional or inspirational, it should have the power to connect with the audience.

iconBenefit of Push Notification

Push notifications help you in marketing about your business, which can prove to be a big marketing tool for the audience. It allows you to send the bulk messages through push notifications regarding the new videos, news or offering a discount on premium ones. You can also offer rewards to loyal customers by which you can increase the relationship with the customers and get to know them better. Push notifications can attract your lost customers and avoid app churning.

iconEliminate Pirated Content

Every year the media and the entertainment industry have to suffer huge losses due to duplicate video contents. Generally, people become more liable to duplicated videos because they are easily accessible and available free of cost. However, the entertainment apps have come at the right time as it helps to reduce this problem by offering the same content at a very reasonable price.Now the quality of the videos has also improved as they can be opened in high definition with complete originality.

iconFuture Trends

The future of the entertainment and media apps seems to be enlightening. Many technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Internet of Things is coming and will change the way people use the media and entertainment industry. These technologies can be combined into your app, and in this way you can take the benefits of the opportunities, these technologies will bring.

iconMore User Engagement

The entertainment apps can keep the users busy during the odd hours. The fresh content will increase the number of users. Different types of content gain the user’s attention at different hours in a day, people are more inclined towards watching the news channels in the morning, while the sports-related apps are more popular amongst users who use the push notifications. Similarly, the film and music-based apps have high user engagement.

iconHigh Performance

Customer needs everything easily without any trouble. If the app performance is not up to the standard and expectation, then someone else might be chosen above you. Apps related to movies, news, games, and live videos all need high performance. Apps clarity and features liability play an important role in defining your entertainment application future growth and performance.


The app should not limit to any particular mobile operating system or a web browser. The application should work constantly across browser and devices. The purpose of your application should fit in every mobile device. Mobile apps related to the entertainment and media industry are independent and can work properly on every device; this expands the number of users to your business.


Smartphones are the best source to gather and share information about the Entertainment and Media industry. Mobile apps are the most useful elements that give the clarification in the right way. With user-friendly interfaces and the latest updates, mobile apps are ruling the entire industry. Starting from the news to live cricket score to music and movies, mobile apps don’t miss anything. With the arrival of mobile apps, the media and entertainment sector see huge growth.

Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar is the brilliant mind behind the technology at Fluper, serving as the Chief Technology Officer. With a wealth of experience in software development and a passion for leveraging the latest technologies, Vinay drives the technical vision of Fluper's projects. His expertise in creating scalable and robust solutions ensures Fluper delivers best-in-class products exceeding client expectations.

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