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There is no denying the fact that now it is become hard to increase the engagement of your brand. In the last few years, attracting new customers for your business costs more than maintaining the loyalty of the customers. Yes, getting the total commitment of users has become one of the key milestones that any brand follows and for that engagement is necessary.

According to the survey it is found that today most of the buyers conduct online searches before making any purchase. This is the reason that many big industries are using a mobile app to enhance the engagement of their brand. It also helps in forming brand awareness and also helps the brands to stand out in comparison to their competitor.

So, through this blog, we are going to know how to increase the engagement of brands by using mobile apps and how to promote it through mobile marketing

What is Engagement?

Mobile App helps in Increasing the Engagement

Engagement is the quantity and quality of the relations of customers with a brand via their communications. These relationships are continued over time, so they incline to be permanent. Previously engagement was not an important feature for brands, but after the advancement in technology and the social environment is also digitized, so it becomes an important factor for the success and feasibility of a business. To increase the engagement of its brand you need to have an appropriate strategy, focused on the user’s requirement, use of right tools, and finding innovative solutions to improve the brand involvement of users.

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Mobile Marketing and Engagement

Still, there are various business that are not aware of mobile marketing which has become their finest assistant in maintaining a strong relationship with their users and to achieve that mobile app is the most effective tool. The importance that users get through the mobile app built a feeling of loyalty and belonging in them. The engagement in the brand with the help of a mobile app has various important benefits for a business like:


iconImproved user-experience

iconCustomer loyalty

iconTurn users into prescribers

iconIncrease in repeated purchase

App Engagement: How to Boost the engagement of the brand with a mobile app?

All is not so easy as if you don’t follow a proper strategy then it becomes difficult for you to increase the engagement of your brand even having a powerful tool like a mobile app. So, to make it effective in producing the engagement for your brand, it becomes important that the development of the mobile app has been carried out with the latest and cutting-edge technology that includes innovative solutions to increase app engagement and user retention.

App Engagement

Now, know about the functions that the mobile app adds to the brand to increase their engagement.

iconImproves Customer Engagement

If your mobile app is well designed and well executed than it helps in developing the relationship with your users. Mobile app helps in increasing the engagement of customers and you can also reply to their messages directly through the app even when you are not at work. It provides 24*7 services to the users. You can also connect with your users through the app for special offers and feedback about the brand and its services. You can also sync your app with a social media platform that helps in creating a snap for users to share content with their friends and family to extend the brand reach to more users.


Better Customer Support

Your mobile app also positively affects in delivering better customer support. You are more probably to keep your customers engaged when an app able to deliver instant and seamless customer support. For example, different businesses are enhancing their customer service channels and splitting into social media. It is an innovative way to deliver customer service with the help of an app as it introduces a new way of communication and able to establish a platform, with the help of which you can take care of the requirements of your new and existing users.


Strengthening Brand With your Employees

The employees of your business are equally responsible for boosting the engagement of your Brand. So, it becomes necessary to give importance to them. So, a mobile app helps you, employees, to work more effectively and also enhances their work satisfaction. The mobile app also provides strength to your brand benefits. The app for employees also helps in knowing the requirements of the employee as well as it also helps in remaining reliable with your brand.  Employees of any business are the biggest brand ambassadors, so mobile app for them positively affect their own brand insights.


Personalized with Push Notifications

Personalization is one of the most significant boosting processes which you can use to your digital content, importantly when you talked about the push notifications. The reason behind it is that personalization is such a valuable asset for any digital service that it is able to engage your users in your brand. By using it, businesses can easily able to deliver immediacy, urgency, and relevance to its users. There are various types of push messages that app developers can use to increase the user-engagement.

iconPush notification based on Geolocation which helps in engaging the users when they are in an area where discounts are available in store.

iconPush notification based on transaction which sends the confirmation message once the users are done with the transaction.

iconEvent triggering message are the messages which shows in front of users when there is any special event or having some offers or promotions.

Mobile App Engagement



One of the main functions of a mobile app through which you can possibly enhance the engagement of users with your brand is Newsletter. It is observed that sending valuable content to the users is necessary for three different reasons;

iconIt helps in increasing the brand awareness.

iconIt also helps in converting the subscriber into qualified leads.

iconIt also helps your brand to be loyal to the users.

With the addition of these functions to your app, you are able to get the new leads and new ways for the promotion of your Email marketing campaigns.


In-App referrals

It must be ensured by the service providers that they have a proper in-app referral system in their app in order to provide a reward for the users that promote your brand by sharing it with others. Through this, you are able to excite the user’s engagement even more as they regularly want a reward from your app as an appreciation. It has been observed that the in-app referral system is beneficial for both businesses and users. So, it becomes necessary for businesses to create a referral program in their app, thus in order to get the reward, users will share your services with their family and friends. The rewards for the referral can be promo code for discount on next purchase, cashback, special discount, and many more.


Encourage two-way communication

With the help of an app, you can able to encourage two-way communication for enhancing the engagement of your brand with the users. So, ask for the proper feedback from the users after having any purchase, which shows that the feedback from users is highly important for the growth of the brand. This will allow users to post positive reviews about your brand. So, by using the app you will be able to increase your engagement and retention rates, inspire positive reviews, and also helps in creating brand loyalty.


So, through this blog, it is clear that the mobile app helps in boosting the engagement of your brand. The mobile app helps in reminding your brand whenever you open the app. With the help of the mobile app, it becomes an essay for businesses to communicate with their users and inform about the different offers to keep them engage with your app. So, it becomes necessary for every business to make an app and for that they can hire mobile app developers of Fluper as they are known for delivering the best to their clients.



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