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It’s been a while that Microsoft promised to shut down to-do list application Wunderlist. The organization attained it in 2015, in support of its own mobile app, To-Do. The decision was made after it experienced the latter was competent to present a viable experience that incorporated Wunderlist’s top features.

Recently, Microsoft is, at last, declared a shut-down time for Wunderlist, i.e., May 6, 2020. After this date, the mobile app will no longer synchronize, but users will yet be capable of importing their substance into Microsoft’s own To-Do application.


Some Wunderlist users might be dissatisfied but, to be fair, Microsoft permitted Wunderlist to function far longer than anticipated, contrasted with how the most attainments of this sort are liable to go. And the corporation geared up Wunderlist users for the mobile app’s customary end as far back as April 2017.

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Meanwhile, Microsoft has been functioning to make sure that user’ preferred features, including steps (subtasks), sharing and task assignments, list groups (folders), file attachments, made their path over to Microsoft To-Do.

Microsoft to Shut Down To-Do List App Wunderlist

In September, Microsoft revealed an additional upgrade for To-Do which implied the Wunderlist close could be approaching, with the accumulation of smart lists, new backgrounds, and a tailored daily planner providing smart recommendations of tasks to be completed. It even integrated To Do with additional Microsoft applications like Outlook, Cortana, Microsoft Launcher, and Microsoft Planner on Android.

Simultaneously, Wunderlist’s inventor Christian Reber took to Twitter for expressing regret over Wunderlist’s coming shutting down. He even suggested he would repurchase the app if he is allowed. Reber wasn’t stating sour grapes, but rather a wish to complete his novel idea for the mobile app, which included developing features, such as cross-team collaboration and shared folders.

Microsoft states it determined to go now to close down Wunderlist since it has stopped launching new attributes for the app. Also, as the app ages, it is going to be tougher to maintain it.  Moreover, it wishes to at very last focus its total energies on creating its To-Do application the best option to Wunderlist.

While the Wunderlist to-do app is going to sync after May 6, 2020, it will be compatible until that time. Microsoft will formulate no guarantees that all will continue working correctly after the finish date. The tech giant even mentions that till now, it is no longer accommodating new sign-ups for Wunderlist in development for the app’s end.

To create the switch, To-Do users can use the iOS, PC, web app, Android, or Mac, to make use of the Wunderlist importer. You even can opt for exporting lists from Wunderlist to To-Do from the app, if you favor.

As soon as your content is correctly imported, users can switch over to To Do. It now features a parallel design following the descend update, but sets up new features as well, like the customized My Day home screen. Moreover, Microsoft Outlook Planner tasks and emails can now be forwarded to the To-Do app. In the meantime, a Planned Smart List is going to illustrate everything with a due date, and it can be configured only to show today’s jobs if you wish.

The company said, “Some of you have been on this journey with us since the very beginning,” said Microsoft, in an announcement. “You, our users, mean everything to us, and we hope that you continue to share our vision and join us on this next step of our journey. You helped us make Wunderlist what it is, and we’d love for you to help us do the same with To-Do. Tell us what you love and what you’d like to see added or updated. With our latest additions – printing, smart due dates, and dark mode – you can be sure that we always take your feedback into consideration when building new features.”



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