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Microsoft will serve a $1,500 bonus to multiple employees for giving immense efforts during this more than a year going coronavirus pandemic. This indication is a vital initiative from the technology giant to keep their employees happy and ensure their long working years with the company. This type of care can support reducing the impact from a feared trend tagged the Great Resignation as organizations renew facilities and employees understand job changes.

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These bonuses will affect Microsoft by almost $200 million and it is a sign to render appreciation for the employees’ hard work that made with partners and customers in the previous year. At the end of the first quarter, the organization had more than $125 billion in cash, short-term investments, and equivalents.  

The Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corp, Satya Nadella Announcing the Bonus

On Thursday, Microsoft’s chief people officer declared the news about bonuses in a message to workers. This bonus will come out in this running July or coming August to workers in the U.S. and in abroad. However, the corporate vice presidents of Microsoft will not receive it, and not even employees of Microsoft’s Zenimax subsidiaries, GitHub, and LinkedIn.

The chief people officer of Microsoft, Kathleen Hogan, declared on Thursday, that the news about bonuses in a message to workers. These special payments are one of the most interesting paths to show appreciation to this company’s employees in this serious COVID-19 pandemic age. A few organizations like the food delivery app Uber Eats also supply their employees with credits to help pay for meals.

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