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Microsoft is introducing its automatic antivirus software to Smartphones on Windows called Defender to help Apple and Google battle malicious apps with a preview of their mobile security tools scheduled for the upcoming RSA Conference.

Microsoft ended its own attempts to capture a Smartphone market niche when it destroyed Windows 10 Mobile in 2017, but as noted in a CNBC article, it was still a major player in technology, launching its famous Office software on iOS and Android, and introducing Minecraft to mobile devices in 2014.


While malware on Smartphones is not as popular as it is for users of PCs, in a tweet, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Rob Lefferts says it can happen to apps like Apple and Google. “They’re pretty safe but they’re not pretty safe as safe,” he said.


The Defender app (erstwhile Windows Defender) is not meant as a conventional anti-malware system according to the report. Microsoft considers it more of software designed to prevent people from visiting online destinations the company has on its blacklist.

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Microsoft Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) is already available on macOS, and the latest beta is coming to Linux starting today.  Microsoft claims Linux support has been a function that is long overdue, and developers should start testing it out today.

They have worked closely with industry partners to allow Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) clients to protect their non-Windows devices while maintaining a centralized “single glass panel” experience. Now they are going a step further by adding their own solution to the options, beginning with today’s limited preview

This is all part of Microsoft’s wider vision for Microsoft 365. The Redmond-based company wants you to be able to use the services provided by Microsoft irrespective of which platform you are using, so this can probably include windows, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS. Endpoint defense is a major focus as Microsoft finds itself in a stronger position to offer that than rivals.

As for the iOS and Android Protector, it’s not clear what those solutions will really do. Anyone who is familiar with iOS knows there are some significant drawbacks, so Defender may allow you to use Microsoft services like Outlook, so phishing security can be given, and so on.



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