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The significance of mobile phones in our everyday life and activities is undeniably unending. Gone are the days when the mobile phone used to be an ordinary communication device. Currently, it has turned into the colossal point of attention for individuals and businesses alike, courtesy of the various incredible features and opportunities that mobile phones offer. Who doesn’t want to grow their business? Actually, everyone! In this case, mobile apps are making a drastic change in the business of every industry. Either you talk about health to food, or travel to the restaurant, almost every industry has shaken their hand With Mobile App Development Companies. So, to boost engagement in any business, website, a mobile app plays an amazing role.

Yes, the App Store is a handy place to find the right app for any circumstance. And if you have launched your app then how will you make your sure people are finding it or not? To boost your app visibility you need to follow some marketing strategies that are followed by the Android Application Development Companies. So, in this blog, we will study Marketing Strategy to Make Your App Stand Out. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time and resources making sure your app are just right. But to make sure people are able to find it, you need to follow ASO for Android or iOS.

Let’s know the best strategy to stand out your app…

Know your competitors and Demographics

Your first step must be to research the target market and decide your real audience. Obviously, you can’t make everyone happy and satisfied. But, it will generate a strong effect if you target a small group of the audience. Select for a particular group of end-users and build their profile. Explicate important information like gender, age, habits, and their occupation, etc. This will help you to understand the client’s persona. It is also important to keep a note with whom you are competing and what kind of purpose they deliver by their app. By this, you would have a clue about the position of your mobile app in the app store market by diving deep into competitor research. You can also get some inspiration for marketing strategies they employed for their apps and this will also assist you to devise your next steps.

Don’t miss Pre-launch marketing

Before launching your app never forget to do pre-launch marketing for your app. There were almost 2.1 million apps in the leading app stores by the end of 2018. Presently, the number of apps is increasing the day by day. This may imply that your app will have a lesser chance to stand out and secure tractions.  Applying for pre-launch marketing will help you to create a buzz and increase the number of downloads at the initial time. Reach out to local media to talk about your app with a list of features to provide end users. This will be helpful to engage local users who are looking for the app as you’re building. Make connections with PR journalists and provide a beta version of your app to check. If they like your app, there are chances they will feature the app.

App Store Optimization

Do you know the Importance of App Store Optimization? With the help of ASO, you can optimize your mobile app to rank higher in search results of the app store. Remember one thing; if your app gets a higher rank, then there will be higher chances of its visibility. The objective of the ASO process is to drive more traffic to your app or to increase the number of downloads.

Have a momentary look at the key factors of ASO…


Prefer the keyword with high search volume. Don’t rush to make the title as soon as you are done with keyword research. Take your time and finalize before publishing because it would be deleterious to change after getting it viral.


Make sure you include all features in the app description. Just try to mention solutions the app provides with the use of keywords.


Provide authentic screenshots to users to give a detailed idea about how your app works. These factors also come in App Store Optimization Tips, to stand out your app.

Push Notifications and Reviews

This one is a great way to communicate with your target audience. Luckily, if you have a great number of a user base of your app, this marketing strategy will work best. Make sure you don’t spam users with a promotional text. The aim of push notifications is to engage users on your app by providing information. Mobile users get so many push notifications a day, therefore it will be difficult to stand out among them and inspire the user to take an action. Be creative! When we come to review, then, yes, there are faithful users out there who give honest feedback for the app they use. From Designers & developers to laymen, you can get a handful of important improvement gems. Take them seriously, work on it and revise it in the next update. For the reviews and ratings, the app needs to ask for it. After a successful transaction/ session, pop up asking to rate can help a lot.

Last But Not Least, KPIs

You build a mobile app, added it to different app stores and it started to be listed in there. What after? At the moment, it is time to see some measurable results and update the strategies accordingly. After all, it is necessary to assess the performance and value of your app. There are numerous metrics defining and measuring the app success, which is explained below, so have a look…

Look at the mobile app KPIs you need to track…
Marketing Strategy to make your app stand out infographics


Checking the number of downloads is a straightforward yet important way to track the performance of your app. Downloads are the key stage in adopting an app. This is because all the other stages come after downloading the app. Therefore it is therefore critical to make your app easily downloadable.

App Open Rate (AOR)

This is the rate of sessions of your app users. The open rate of app is directly proportional to user engagement, in other words, higher the app open rate the more engaged users are to your app. This is also called stickiness. The sticky users are preferred since they are more valuable to your app.

Daily active users

The metric of daily active users is used to signify the number of users who connect with your item minimum once every day. It is an indication of how much intrigue your application is getting on a particular day, as characterized by some kind of – action.

Number of New Users

An increase in the number of new users suggests that your customer base is growing. You can also use the number of users to tell how successful a marketing campaign is. For instance, an increase in the number of users after a marketing campaign suggests that the campaign is successful.


Tracking uninstalls is as critical as tracking the number of downloads and installs. Bulk installations are always a sign that you have done something wrong. It could be that you have added a user that doesn’t like or a feature that is interfering with user engagement. In case you notice to realize any un-installations, try to figure out what the reason is and correct it immediately.


This refers to the number of times users have recommended your app to others. Shares can happen under a variety of contexts including social media platforms and other websites. The number of shares your app gets is directly effects on your app engagement; In other words, the more share means that users find your app valuable to them. Moreover, this app marketing KPI also shows that your brand name is growing.


For the most part of users, check on apps ratings and reviews before making a decision whether to download an app or not. This, consequently, makes ratings to be one of the most important mobile app KPIs. So whenever you check for the performance of your mobile app, ensure you check the ratings of users. After all, Positive ratings and reviews show that users are contented with your application.

Wrapping Up

Never stick to one specific marketing channel just because you initially invested in it. Remember, it is not like traditional digital marketing and limited just to a ‘Click’. It’s about building a long relationship so that users don’t uninstall the app and you can keep making a business out of it. So follow these above-mentioned marketing strategies to stand out your app in the app store.

You can comment or connect with Fluper for any query! Being a leading Android App Development Company, we will assist you with the best manner and give you the best resolution for your IT concerns.

Akansha Pandey

Akansha Pandey, Director of Sales at Fluper, is a leader in technology sales with a decade of experience. Known for her strategic approach, she excels in driving business growth and forging strong client relationships. Akansha's expertise lies in consultative selling, team leadership, and exceeding revenue targets. Passionate about mentoring, she enjoys sharing insights with aspiring sales professionals.

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