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WhatsApp has been frequently a part of controversies and it’s not surprising, given that it is now owned by Facebook. From shady privacy policy revisions to global levels of outage, WhatsApp isn’t exactly suitable for privacy freaks. Hence, if you are looking for reasons to get off the service, we give you three reasons to do so.

  • It’s owned by Facebook!

Facebook and data privacy don’t go hand-in-hand and hence, anything that belongs to Facebook is always looked upon a data hogger. After getting bought in 2014, WhatsApp has seen a lot of changes in terms of features but privacy policies have remained untouched so far.

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  • Reads too much data

Every app needs access to your data to function but WhatsApp and the notorious Facebook Messenger seek a lot more than required. On Apple’s App Store, WhatsApp is shown collecting data on your shopping habits, financial info, Usage data (time last used) and diagnostics data (device details) apart from the basic ones. The Facebook Messenger’s list of required data engulfs that of Facebook.

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  • Suffers same issues as other Facebook services

Two days ago, Facebook’s servers went down and as a result, all associated service were affected. WhatsApp was down too and for the entire period, users could not communicate with each for the 6-hour period. Other services like Signal and Telegram were running, however, and they were not affected by this outage.

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