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Are you a game lover? Looking for the details of the latest version of FIFA 20? If your answer is yes, then find out all the answers to your questions here. Here in this blog, we are going to deep dive into all the details of the game and Find out exactly what each game process is and how to have fun in the world’s best-selling football game. For the development of mobile games, it is ideal to hire unity 3d developer from a reputed company having expertise in a particular field.


When we talk about FIFA 20, it is undoubtedly the biggest version of the well-liked EA Sports. The football simulation series up till now and has loads of diverse game forms to keep gamers diverted for an indefinite period. Well, if you are a newcomer, then it might be a little bit daunting to understand the game, but here in this blog, we have discussed are the key points that help you efficiently understand the game.

Let us get started!

What is FIFA 20?

FIFA 20 is a football simulation video game that is published by Electronic Arts. The game is liked by Football lovers all across the globe. Being one of the popular apps the developers always come with some new features that captivate the most inert of users every time. As we know, part of the FIFA series was released, on 27 September 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch, and the game is all set to come on Stadia this winter season in 2020. Checkout Best Unity Mobile App Development Company.

  • FIFA Founded – 1982
  • Headquarters-Redwood City, California
  • Ownership- Public
  • Updated in Google play- 15 July

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Features Of FIFA 2020

The FIFA 20 game mainly focuses on a fresh feature titled VOLTA Football. The game includes several options to play, and there are also options to choose the number of players in the game like three versus three, four versus four, and five versus five matches, as well as with specialized futsal rules. Moreover, the users have the choice to modify their player by clothing, gender, shoes, accessories hats, and tattoos.

You can play with your friends

Now it is the first time in the FIFA 20 that you can play with your friends on your Mobile. You can challenge and invite your friends in real-time and create an in-game friends list and keep track of your rights.

You can also create your team

Now you can start building your Ultimate Team just like the Premier League, Ligue 1, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, MLS, and more, then teach any participant to be a star. You can lead the group by using soccer players and stay at the top of the leaderboards.

Rewarding competition

The app offers its players with rewards and the full 11v11 matches to make priceless rewards based on monthly and weekly performance. The more you win, the more rewards you earn, and you also get to the top of the leader boards.

The FIFA 20 Controls

The game has various controls, and if you want to play it, then having sound knowledge of all the controls is crucial. The fundamental controls on FIFA 20 football game are quite simple.

  • For short pass X
  • Circle control is shoot
  • Square is especially for the long pass
  • Triangle is through ball on PS4

When you know these four controls, then you can easily score and win matches in the game. In the initial levels, these controls help you in managing the game, and after playing several levels, you will understand the tips and tricks which you can use, especially the full list of controls in the “Controller Settings” in the game.

Modes In The FIFA Game

Modes In The game

The gaming creation character development and modes in the game play a significant part in boosting the user experience. FIFA 20 offers a diversity of conducts to participate in the game. You can access the game modes directly via the main menu or can use the directional buttons to scroll between the tiles. There are mainly two modes in the game one is Kick off, and the other is the Career mode.

  • In the first mode, the user gets can jump straight into a match using any two sides in the game, but also has a lot of other options that boost the game rules.
  • On the other hand, Career Mode is the most well-liked offline game mode that allows users to take charge of a club and handle their matches and more. In this mode, you can also manage your game Player skills that help you in earning more rewards.

Team Of FIFA 20

FIFA team is the major, and most well-liked part of the FIFA 20 game. The ultimate game allows you to make a team from diverse countries or leagues. You can even start with a team of bronze players and earn rewards in the form of coins to purchase a talented team to win matches. You can buy new players from the Store via the reward coins or real-life money.

FIFA 2020 Team

What is the New In FIFA 20?

The new version of the game Volta football is the new arrival for FIFA 20. It is a creation in which the developers have tried to revitalize the old FIFA Street games but with a giant focus on tricks and expertise.

The Bottom Line

In short, we can say that FIFA 20 game is entertaining, which is the most significant thing. The mobile app developers in charge have done a wonderful job, and the game has gained huge recognition in a short period. Moreover, if you are planning to hire unity developer for your gaming app then, Fluper is a top-rated mobile app development company. We help businesses of all types by developing intuitive applications that immensely transform their business growth. The team uses a proven strategy, and you can easily transform your ideas by connecting with us today.



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