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The arena of enterprise mobile app development is changing rapidly, and it look good to see and experience these changes. When it comes to Enterprise App Development, it basically means the application or software that is being developed for large enterprises, way beyond the need of an individual or small business. These Enterprise App Development, help in monitoring and managing large scale operations in different arenas such as logistics, employee management and assembly line management.

Many enterprise application development companies are competing to gain market share in Enterprise App Development. such ocean of choices lets you to select the best app portfolio for your needs. There are many new trends that are being set by this field of mobile app development, that are worth noticing. Some of them are compiled in this blog, have a look.

Security is the priority

Mobile Application Development

According to Garner, about 75% of mobile apps fall well below basic security expectations. This has been in the trends for a couple of years, yet the enterprise application development companies are not taking it seriously, at least not as much as they should. “We’ve seen far too many cases of security breaches in the last few years. What’s truly unfortunate about most of them is that they could have been prevented or mitigated through careful, common-sense architectural practices and smart data segregation techniques” says William C. Fisher, President at Quicksilver Software, Inc.

Companies often ignore the security point in the development of the project, which can be deadly in long run or in case of any cyber-attack. And as number of security breaches grows, security will gain the prime spot in the trends in years to come.

Hybrid is in demand

Hybrid App Development

The new year will see an increased usage and demand of hybrid apps. These apps are written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but are covered in frameworks that can run these apps on multiple platforms. And this technology is cost effective, so it is in demand now a day.

But monetary reason is not alone in choosing the hybrid is prime spot for enterprise apps, another prominent reason is that these are apps are easy and quick to build and deploy, cutting the cost, time and energy in building.

Next level of responsive and adaptive

Android App Development

The apps in 2017, will feature responsiveness and addictiveness as a necessity and not as luxury. These features will become a “must have” from “great to have” in coming days. This has even started as Google is giving a special responsive badge to websites and web applications that are responsive and even giving higher SEO page ranks as encouragement.

Therefore, in coming years the responsive in the apps will be the build-in feature rather than an explicitly told expertise. Increased focus on client-side development will also increase in the responsive apps.

IoT is everywhere

Native App Development

The future of every app including the Enterprise Apps is IoT. The technology will play an important role in Enterprise Apps so as to integrate the different services in one single app. This will increase the user interface and agility of the business, because the business owners can access the data by just a tap and take decisions much easily and confidently.

IoT will be the centre of every enterprise solution in the coming time. This will boast the revenues and also helps in managing the system well.

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