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Each year when Apple announces its newest batch of iPhones we expect to see new hardware and full of features. 2018 was undoubtedly a big year for iPhone maker. In fact, it has become an advantageous factor for the iOS app development companies across the globe because of the amazing features introduced in the earlier versions. Despite reports that global smartphone sales have begun to stagnate, Apple has managed to push the trend, becoming a trillion dollar company and launching three new iPhone models over the last 12 months. Now that top releases by Apple i.e. iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR have gone on sale, we can focus our attention to the 2019 batch of iPhones coming next September. There are many rumors about the 2019 iPhones started before the iPhone XS and XR was announced, and all of us heard quite a few details on what we can expect.

It is a big question that, will the success of iPhone models continue next year? What products can Apple fans be expecting to get their hands on in 2019? Today, I am going to explain how it is going to be for the iPhone lovers as well as top iOS app developers.

Before I start, let’s take a look back to the year 2018 Sales –

The year 2018 brought the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR, the most powerful iPhones with the biggest screens, and price tags. Most of the mobile app development companies have started developing apps that totally relies on the features. Though the company has enjoyed huge success this year, sales of the iPhone have been largely flat in the last two years, and earlier this month Apple announced that it would end reporting the unit sales and revenue statistics for the iPhone devices.

iPhone Sales

Apple has reported that 46.889 million smartphones were sold in the third quarter, giving almost neck and neck competition with the sales in the same quarter of 2017. According to the Statista research, in the first quarter of 2018, iPhone sales accounted for about 70 percent of Apple’s total revenue, generating more than 61 billion U.S. dollars in revenues.

Moreover, it has been also interesting to note that those sales bought in revenue of $37.185bn, which is a 29% increase in revenue year-on-year, suggesting that Apple is building more per iPhone, due to a higher average selling price.

Features to Watch Out for iPhones in 2019

With the above information, it would be exciting to know how the upcoming models will perform among users. Have a look at the amazing improvements the company is planning to make in the upcoming releases-

iconOLED Display

With its every release, Apple has been working on its display. For 2019, Apple is expected to continue using OLED displays in the devices. Currently, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and SE use LCD screens, and Apple looks like it’s going to release another LCD-based phone this year. While some analysts suggest that Apple may go with an all OLED arrangement, doing away with the LED displays of the iPhone XR, while other rumors believe Apple will stick with LEDs because of the high price of OLED displays.

iconImproved Face ID Technology

The Face ID system of next year’s iPhones will come with an innovative and more powerful flood illuminator. Without any doubt, this feature will improve the facial recognition technology by decreasing the impact of invisible light from the user’s surroundings. In fact, the improved Face ID sensor will be equipped in all 2019 iPhone models, which will further follow this year’s lineup of two OLED iPhones and one LCD iPhone.

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iconThree Camera Lenses

Apple may be preparing something interesting for mobile photo enthusiasts with their triple-lens camera, which is making them better at capturing depth. According to a leading report, Apple’s iPhone for 2019 will have a 5x zoom, which may be a combination of optical and digital zoom. The new lenses will use stereoscopic imaging to confine objects and scenes from multiple angles and triangulate numerous perspectives into the 3D images. Sounds great! I am sure that camera is one of the most beneficial features people look for in any phone. So, this feature will be surely appreciated.

iconAntenna Technology

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone models in 2019 are going to arrive with different types of antenna technology. The new antenna will in fact produce reliable performance as Apple pushes towards 5G until 2020. In fact, there are a lot of buzz for the arrival of 5G technology until the end of 2019. The iPhones will still have six antennas built into them, though Apple might be able to strike a better deal on component prices soon.

iconApple Pencil Support

Apple is considering offering an Apple Pencil-style in 2019 iPhone models. It is important to mention here that this is accurate or not, but well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that Apple Pencil support is an opportunity for a future iPhone. In fact, the iPhone pencil support would be best feature, something that would largely benefit the wide range of users who care about the quality of handwriting, drawing, or photo editing on a small phone screen.

Not only the predictions for features, but also there some predictions that Apple handsets will drop 3D Touch features. It is well-known that the notch has been a trend for the smartphones of 2018, which is going to be dying soon. Also, the 2019 phones are going to offer improved Face ID scanning. Mobile app development sector is gradually improving with the growing iPhones features. So, the year 2019 will also be a great year for them.

Final Words

That was my research for features, which could be seen in new models. It is clear that the year 2019 is definitely going to be exciting for the iPhone admirers. The news is actually not a surprising one, given Apple’s history of making marginal improvements on iPhone features over time benefitting the best iOS app developers and businesses across the world. With the new launches of phones, it’s really a good time to launch your own app. Have an idea? Share it with the top app experts at Fluper.


Anshul Sharma

Being the Co-Founder of Fluper, one of the Leading App Development Companies, Mr. Anshul Sharma has a wide-ranging experience in Business Growth. He has paved his own path as an extremely intensive product strategist and user experience proficient entrepreneur. His keen interest in the tech updates urges him to write about the latest tech news and make other businesses or enterprises aware of the changing market scenario.

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