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iPhone has become the order of the day, every mobile user tempts for the device. iPhone is lesser a device and more of the status symbol nowadays. Catering to the upper sect of the society, the device is not affordable for everyone. iPhone is considered to be the most sophisticated device in the space because of its security level, enticing design and unmatchable technology.

People wait to grab the iPhone at the very moment it launches in the region. Well, there’s such an alluring device on the planet, hence it’s a matter of inquisition if how come this device made the hearts pound on multiple beats. There are numerous iPhone app development companies which are adding an edge to this by developing the most enchanting apps for iPhone to engage its users at large.

After much hunting, we have discovered some of the most interesting facts about this most tempting device of the earth.

iPhone by Cisco!

Apple was originally a device

This might sound weird but it’s true that Apple was originally a device that was developed by CISCO for the purpose of skype calling without utilizing the Computer. Cisco even sued the Apple regarding the name but later both parties made an assentation on issue.

iPhone:- A Delayed Venture

Hartmut Esslinger had conceptualized the vision of iPhone decades ago before it actually came into existence. In 1983, the Apple Designer, extemporize a landline phone with the looks that resembles to the modern age iPhone & iPads.

If launched in the year of its conceptualization, the story of iPhone app development would have been far more transformative than that of todays.

Rivals Backing Up!

samsung made the processor for Apple’s iPhone

Yeah! Samsung is the brain behind every function an iPhone does magically. Apple and Samsung are known as arch rivals in the mobile arena but it’s true that the company made the processor for Apple’s iPhone.

Hidden Legends in the Modern Device

Bono Vertigo

Bono Vertigo was the most adorned U2 artist who hold a deep impact on the design (internal) of every iPhone’s Music App.

700 iPhones sold by a long shot

Last year in March, Apple CEO Tim Cook uncovered that Apple has sold about 700 million iPhones. Investigates Apple’s profit propose that developing iPhone deals may soon touch 800 million.

Marking Hundred Millions of iPhone Sale

According to the reports from Apple CEO, Tim Cook the company has sold around 700 million devices taking the brand to an amazing figure of 800 million in the coming years.

An Year of Innovation

Times Magazine has glorified the year of iPhone’s Inception by featuring it as “Invention of the Year” in 2007.

SMS: A revolutionary concept

Messaging though now has become the most trending stuff in the tech world but messaging was introduced originally by Apple.

 “Purple Dorm”

iPhone was originally famous among its creators by the name “Purple”. iPhone Section of the Apple Headquarter is famously known as Purple Dorm.

Millions of Stuffs To Engage

According to the reports, the iPhone App Store is known to be the largest app market with more 2 million applications after Android’s Play Store with over 2.2 million apps worldwide, which stands the Apple as top iOS app development company


iPhone 4 (a device from the glorified iPhone clan) was found to be misfit in terms of it connectivity as it’s reportedly dropping the call when handled at a specific angle by the user. This malfunction of the iPhone 4 has earned the device to most infamous name as Antennagate 


iPhone is one of the finest devices crafted and is available to the human race. The superfluous design and second to none technical advancement makes it stand out of the ground. The modern technology has evolved the quality up to a major extent compelling all the top notch iOS app development companies to deliver the most enticing application solutions in the mobility space.

Akansha Pandey

Akanksha- Revenue Generation and Sales /App promotion Being in the position of VP in Sales at Fluper, Ms. Akansha Pandey has already worked with several clients internationally. She has her core expertise in Revenue Generation, Sales, and App Promotion. Having previous years of experience, Ms. Akansha has accomplished itself as an effective communicator and resilient motivator with a dedication for persistent innovation and improvement.

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