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Cometh the new calendar of 2017, people already started expecting the next version of iOS on the event of WWDC 2017, waiting for its eleventh iteration. Interestingly, 2017 will be the tenth anniversary of iphone. It started its début back in the year 2007. It came a long way round from iPhone OS 1.0 to ios 11. Every year, fans eagerly wait for the next iteration. US-based tech has established a trend to combine astonishing features and the ios 10 has also withstood the expectation.

Since ios is a streamlined platform. So iOS app circuitously follow fine-textured platform, there are some of the elements which are needed to mend so that it can come up with the factor of customisation. Recently the APIs of major ios functionality is provided to the developer which has been an imminent step of iphone to expand it more in the Android-henpecked countries.

As far as apps are concerned, from dating apps even up to QR scanners it established the fact that the iphone apps have become ubiquitous.


Addition of Snapchat-like features in Video Sharing App

As far as video sharing app are concerned the apps should be easy to use ,enabling one-hand control and to make the process more interactive which includes shooting, instant editing and uploading of videos “ in less than one minute”. According to Bloomberg, Apple is working hard on its social networking app in the similar style of Facebook and Snapchat. The company is focusing on the capitalization through the popularity of social network by enabling it to record the video, followed by edit, filter, adding up of dodles and then send it to the friends. To make it successful it has continued to look for its software business to expand keeping in mind that the hardware sales has slowed down.


More Premium and Free Games

Among the mobile developers ios is more popular platform rather than android despite of the fact that android has more number of the devices. The main idea behind the success is immense revenues for developers by creating ios games and splendid performance of iphone and ipad. It has covered the entire arena of action, arcade, RPG, adventure, racing and many more. A list of upcoming video games is expected sorted by the most admired among the gamers. Among the upcoming games it includes Darkest Dungeon, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Albion Online, Dawn of Titans, FNAF World, and Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear , Realpotiks and many more. A real-time strategy based on real-time game created by British indie developer Introversion Software, these games will definitely expand the ios app demand.

Some of them are in-app payments and some are freemium which would be a true gift for the iphone users.

Updated version of apps like Quick

Although this has been the fastest app for adding-up the text in the photo. Fast photo tracker, real time font selection are already present in the present version of quirk, but still lagging in photo editing extensions. In the the year 2017 the users hopefully enjoy the new versions Rattler by Jeremy Booth, Clumsy by Kyle Steed. This hopefully will create visual reminders; enable to create manual instructions and many more. This app will ensure a streamline experience in the blink of eyes.

iconicloud voicemail

ios app technology

Transcription of voicemail has already introduced but not yet easily accessible to the users. Few years back voicemail was one of the innovations but now the transcribing has become essential because people like to send voicemail but not prefer to receive voicemail since reading the notes are far easier rather than listening. In 2017 it is expected to bridge the generation gaps so as left it explorative.


Flourishing of apps like cosmic-watch

ios application

Cosmic watch has successfully implemented the relationship between time and cosmos. It has become a time device which has successfully elevated the observer’s consciousness and shows the harmonious existence of cosmos. With the eleventh iteration, users are expecting improved star texture, open sky function and improved earth texture. But this has been accessible even in iphone and ipad. If these features are fulfilled then the demand is expected to increase in 2017.


Apps are the fundamental of Apple’s ios platform which sets ios platform apart from its rivals. These apps are typically best in every aspect. Although it has standed out of all other platforms but for 2017 it must have conducted the research among the users and compile all the favourites of the users to get the finest productivity kit. In 2017 updated version starting from games to cosmic apps are expected. The users are really waiting with thirst what all new are upcoming as 2017 would be the tenth anniversary of iphone.

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