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Ever since we have come across mobile devices, to be precise, smartphones, a hail storm has been witnessed brought up by mobile apps. But its 2019 we are living in, AI is taking over the app development industry. Mobile App Developers and companies are doing the best they can just to integrate AI into their apps.

Intelligent apps can go way past the traditional solution services that’ll obviously help out businesses and users as well. In the coming years, we can expect AI’s dominance all over the world.

Mobile Application Development

You Are Being Welcomed To the Age of Intelligent Apps

With the statements made above, there is no doubt regarding the fact that all the apps that are about to be built will be intelligent apps. These apps will use machine learning to carry out smart decisions to deliver a highly personalized experience to the users. These apps will combine the likes of predictions and prescriptive analytics, product insights, operational vision, and last but not the least customer’s data.

Intelligent apps have the potential to bring change in the way of work and business structure of the company. Now it is quite obvious that companies will adopt AI to develop intelligent apps to provide their customers with the experience of a lifetime.

Best Intelligent Apps of 2019 That You Need To Look At

 We, being a leading mobile app development company have listed some of the greatest intelligent apps ever stepped into our lives. the apps that we are about to enlist, are the results of AI algorithm, which can easily track down your habits, what you like, and your daily routine, do make sure to check them out.


Developed by Microsoft, Cortana is quite a popular personal assistant. With this app, you can easily track down files, videos, images, and anything that you can think of. Cortana also allows the user to sync data with a PC to get notifications on your device.



It is hands down the best math and homework app available on both Android and iOS platforms. With the help of AI, you can complete your homework and that too quickly. All you have to do is just click a picture of your homework and the app will tell you the concepts that you need to use.



Developed by Facebook, FaceApp is yet another perfect example of AI application. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, the app can easily change the way you look, along with your gender and hairstyle.


SwiftKey Keyboard

It is one of the most popular AI integrated keyboards available. The app can easily provide you with a correct word whenever you commit a mistake. Along with the auto-correct feature, you can also change the font style, color, theme, and other aspects within the app.



Hound lets you search for anything by your voice. The app is known for its intuitive design and interface which is quite easy to understand and use at the same time. The app can easily understand speech and natural language.

Some Key Characteristics of Intelligent Apps

 With all the facts stated above, it is quite obvious that intelligent apps use machine learning to define the end-users.

iconWith AI-powered algorithms, these apps remove irrelevant information and focus on relevant information ones instead.

iconOnce done with understanding the users’ needs, these apps provide the user with the most relevant and contextual information possible.

iconThese apps facilitate automatic execution of tasks without specifically waiting for user commands.

iconUsing predictive analytics, these apps can predict user behavior and make the information available to them in literally no time.

These apps feed on data, algorithms, and never-ending learning capabilities which improves the interaction between us and the machines by anticipating our actions. With every single interaction, these apps learn new things.

How Intelligent Apps Can Turn Things Around?

Now we’ll be taking a look at how intelligent apps can benefit both businesses and users at the same time. Having the capabilities to satisfy the customers with ease, these apps can skyrocket a business’s revenue without facing any issues whatsoever.


Personalized Experiences

When it comes down to using an app, we tend to focus more on experience and engagement as these are things that make us want to use these apps more often.

So if you are looking forward to making an intelligent application, then it is our recommendation that you should consider creating an app that can understand the user. Based on the user’s interaction, the app can deliver rich and personalized experience to the user.


Integration With Virtual Assistants

Being a trending piece of technology, virtual assistants are known for their faster information retrieval and interactive experiences to users. However, Chatbots have always been under some controversies as they are being accused of making apps outmoded.

Chatbots may not replace mobile apps, but they certainly complement some of its responsibilities, take communication streaming. Both Chatbots and apps deliver different kinds of utility and have their own target audience.

Mobile Application Development


Augmented Reality on Mobile

AR has seen a major boom since the last couple of years. AR is a piece of technology that places virtual objects in the real world. Integration of AI can result in better AR capabilities. Being growing technology, it would be great to see the hybrid of AR and AI.

When Apple introduced the ARKit for the first time, it started out a revolution that brought businesses together to build AR apps. With such a feat, Apple made millions of its devices AR capable. You may have heard of the game Pokemon GO, well, it’s hands down the best way to explain what we are trying to say here.


Minimal Need for UI/UX Interface

Conversational commerce is the way to go nowadays, and with all the voice-enabled apps innovations like Siri, Alexa, Bixbi, and Cortana, voice has evolved as the zero-touch UI/UX interface. Businesses can easily stay with this trend as intelligent apps offer great flexibility that let the users carry out a conversation with the app to get the information.

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Intelligent Apps at Work

Those days are gone when employees were happy with simple mobile-enabled access to important apps and data. We as an employee demands something more complex yet easy to use a companion. We, in fact, expect intelligent user experience the same that consumer app offers. Here are some ways through which employees can do their work better:

iconWith personalized and context-sensitive information, apps can help the employees filter and streamline relevant information completely based upon their needs.

iconWith the help of natural language processing, such apps can help in increasing productivity, improving response time, and help in real-time decision-making.

iconEspecially for the mobile workforce, intelligent apps can provide to the point information and that too at the right time.

With that being said, while companies will continue sticking to their conventional systems, they will do their best to incorporate and leverage intelligent apps to enhance their business marketing and strategies. For example – apps like emails may not completely sweep away, but companies might create such intelligent apps that’ll alert the employee about emails that require immediate response or action.

Use Cases of Intelligent Apps in Different Industries

With the immense growth of intelligent apps, it has now been made quite obvious that they’ll definitely impact different business domains, and it’s time for us to address them.



It is one of those industries that are quite new to the AI-enabled apps, however, it is working to use the intelligent app to the best of its ability. For example, using such an app can simplify the tasks and communications of a practitioner.



The retail industry is growing at a fast and constant rate which is making things obvious that intelligent apps will definitely play a significant role in its further growth. For example, apps can help customers to check out the product before even buying it.



We can all admit to the fact that we need some changes in the education industry, and what’s better than making the use of intelligent apps. With the help of AI-enabled applications, students can get personalized, effective, and dynamic learning path for any sort of subject.


Cyber security

Cyber threats are quite usual these days which makes cyber security an area of concern, but with the implementation of intelligent apps, businesses can somewhat curb the chances of cyber attacks as it is a technology that learns and analyze security posture by itself.

Wrap Up

Intelligent apps are making their way towards success and it’s only a matter of time when we’ll experience something out of the box. It can speed up a business’ decisions, better results, greater efficiency and whatnot. However, having such capabilities, proper consumption is necessary as it can change the course of the future.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking forward to making an intelligent app for your business? If that’s a yes, then we recommend you to head over to Fluper. Being a leading mobile app development company in New York, we’d be happy to help you out and that too at affordable rates.

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