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Experts predict that revenue from mobile app development will reach $ 935 billion till the end of year 2023. Moreover, businesses from all across the globe are switching to digital platforms to maintain their competitive edge. Mobile app development has become a certain way to capitalize technological innovations in the best possible way. Many mobile apps have set examples depicting how beneficial they can be to go global and attain new heights in your career.

Great ideas are always welcomed by today’s fast-paced generation. Therefore, we have discussed 20 great innovative app ideas for startups that can be converted into great success. All you need to do is to go through these wonderful app ideas and then hire a trusted Android app development agency to get best desired results.

  1. Food Delivery App

Food Delivery App

There is a great demand for on-demand food delivery apps. Allow your users to explore umpteen options in food items and get them delivered to their doorstep in quickest possible time.

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  1. Restaurant Management App

Restaurant Management App

Restaurants need to manage certain crucial aspects. A restaurant management app allows restaurant managers to run a restaurant end-to-end in an efficient way. Restaurant app development has become a proven way to make huge money these days.

  1. Money Transfer App

People prefer utterly secured apps when it comes to transferring funds and money online. You can consider developing an app that offers seamless flexibility in transferring money online. Also make sure that the mobile app development agency incorporates best advanced technology to ensure safe and smooth money transfers.

  1. Stock Trading App

Stock Trading App

People are getting much inclined towards extra income generation and stock market has been always appealing to them. You can consider launching a comprehensive AI-based stock trading app where people can easily invest in stocks.

  1. NFT Trading App

NFT is the hottest topic in digital era to which people are getting attracted at an ever-increasing rate. Hire a reputed Android App development firm to launch a highly interactive app for trading NFTs across several trusted marketplaces.

  1. Rental Property App

People often wander a lot when it comes to finding a home or a property on rent. On-demand rental property apps are gaining maximum attention by worldwide users as they provide comprehensive information on rental properties.

  1. Language Learning App

The craze to learn new and different languages dates back to ages. You can consider offering some highly popular international languages like English, French, Japanese, Italian, Roma, and Spanish. Allow AI-based language learning that will be much interactive and resourceful to learn a new language.

  1. Online Coaching App

Students, especially, the kids often need extra coaching classes apart from their regular studies. Moreover, parents also want their kids to be ahead of others at any cost. Online tuition apps are generating hefty revenue by providing easy, flexible, and interactive ways to learn, understand and grow.   

  1. Corporate Training Apps

To maintain their competitive edge, businesses across the globe are paying much heed towards employee training. Offering a corporate training app will certainly allow you to earn huge revenues as most startups need such apps to train their novice employees.

  1. Voice Translation App

Voice translation apps are often needed by people who go for foreign tours and trips. Whether it’s a business tour or a family trip, the need for a language translator is inevitable in current scenario. Ask your iOS app development firm to incorporate relevant features in the app to make it a perfect voice translator.

  1. Pet Care Apps

Allow people to gain relevant information regarding how to treat pets and offer them valuable training. Consider each aspect of pet care and include different types of pets in your pet care app. Try to offer as much video content as possible through your app to ake it more interactive and interesting.

  1. Handyman Service App

In this fast-paced era, people hardly get time to go out and explore a handyman to get the job done. Go for Android app development that caters to easy access to handyman based on nearest location. Try to include as much services as possible so that people can rely on your app for different daily job services.

  1. On-demand Car Service App

Taking your car to some workshop and then waiting for long hours to get the service done is a quite tedious task that people often ignore. If you provide this facility to get their cars services at their own place will prove to be a great idea to add to their ecstasy and excitement.

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  1. Telemedicine Apps

Launching an app that allows people to get prescribed medicines delivered to their doorstep is a proven idea to capitalize on this unique concept. Just partner with some reputed medical stores and hire a delivery service for delivering medicines on time.

  1. Meditation & Mindfulness Apps

We are living in a highly competitive age where multitasking has become the need of the time. As a result, they face a lot of mental troubles and they switch to mental health consultants and meditation experts. Make sure that your Android app development offers meditation exercises and mindfulness techniques that are easy-to-practice and yield result.

  1. Inventory Tracking Apps

Most warehouses face stock scarcity and various other troubles in their supply chain management. An app that allows store managers to track their entire stocks in a comprehensive and convenient way will be of great help for them.

  1. Parcel Delivery Apps

Offering an app that picks up a parcel from a user’s place and delivers it on the mentioned address is a great idea to capitalize. Ask your mobile app development agency to incorporate relevant features through which they can easily call for a delivery boy anytime anywhere and send their parcels without any trouble.

  1. Shopping Recommendation App

Launch an app that allows people to look for best places to shop online with great discounts and deals on products and services. You can consider including certain segments in shopping categories to make your app worthwhile.

  1. Virtual Travelling App

People hardly get time to explore new places as they are much busy in fulfilling their professional commitments. Hire the best iOS app development firm that provides virtual travelling experience through an interactive app. Allow people to visit any desired tourist place virtually with added fun and excitement.

  1. Resume Creation App

Job finders always seek help from their friends and peers to complete their resume in a professional, and in an appealing way. Launching an app that suggests creative content along with relevant aspects to make an attractive resume is a great idea to gain maximum attention from job hunters.


Hope you must have found the best relevant app idea for which you have been thinking for quite a long. Make sure to thoroughly research your target audience and the type of market that you are going to enter. Hire the best Android app development company to get desired results from app development.

Description: Here are some proven and innovative app ideas for startups through which they can easily gain maximum attention from their users. All these ideas are thoroughly worked out by our digital team experts.

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