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Quality matters a lot when it comes to delivering software services. This is why a mobile app development agency pays utter attention while testing an app before launching it. App development is a complex process that involves ample aspects to be considered diligently. Delivering bug-free app has become mandatory if you want to remain competitive in mobile app development industry. Stakeholders often prefer an iOS app development company that has a good reputation in delivering error-proof apps. However, a project’s risk level can be an overriding factor but you must consider certain areas in app that need to be thoroughly tested. In this blog, we will discuss some key areas and aspects that will help you deliver a smooth, compatible, and highly scalable mobile app for your clients.

What Makes Testing So Important?

The world of mobile apps has grown massively in past few years where users have ample choices for a particular app category. Now if 99% of your app is alright but there remains 1% issue in it, the chances of uninstalling it gets doubled. A user just has to give a 1 or 2-star rating to your app to spoil the game. Hence, finding and fixing all possible bugs must be a top priority for you before presenting an app before users. Now let’s have a look on key areas that we have outlined to ensure proper testing and a bug-free app.

Beta Testing

The primary goal of Beta testing is to ensure real world experience of an app. You must thoroughly ensure how well an app will perform before users. Be firm with things that you want to encounter while Beta testing and employ experienced and expert testers on it. An android app development agency must focus on reducing the friction of app and ensure app’s responsiveness. Share results with the team and always be open towards learning from your mistakes. This will allow you to perform extensive Beta testing that brings desired results. TestFlight, Test Fairry, and Hockey app are some smart tools to perform Beta testing.

Install Smart Mobile Analytics

Tracking users’ behavior and measuring the performance of your app is an integral part of app development. Using a comprehensive mobile analytics platform like CleverTap will certainly help you optimize and increase retention of your app. Moreover, decide KPIs that are relevant as per the type of target audience of your app. You must track your app’s performance and make required changes based on the data. This will help a mobile app development agency to deliver personalized user experience making every interaction unique and distinct.

Smooth Installation

It becomes much imperative for QA to ensure that an app gets installed smoothly across a wide range of devices. Generally, most of the reputed Android app development agencies employ an automated testing process to do this. Using Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager will ensure smooth testing of an app across multiple range of devices. This will allow hassle-free installation of app by users on different devices.

Launch a Video Trailer

Providing an interesting video trailer for your app’s features and functionalities is a proven marketing tool before your app’s launch. This will help users to have a quick overlook of entire app’s performance that will drive organic downloads too. Make sure that the video is not too long (30 seconds or so) and features app store icon and screenshots.

App Content

An iOS app development agency must ensure that the app’s description, logo, and splash screen are compatible to app store. App stores help optimizing app’s search results based on the type of description, name, and title of an app. Make sure that your app contains relevant app name, logo, and description. This will help it to gain top rankings in users’ search results on the app store. Content has always been an integral part of an app’s success and you must ensure putting relevant content on your app.

Comprehensive Layout

The way you allow users explore your app keeps immense importance in retaining users. Make sure that everything is included in a comprehensive way on your app’s landing page. Even the designs should be relevant to the kind of products or services that the app offers. Try providing clues in the app to help users navigate from one section of the app to another. Anything that makes users confused or wedged will prompt them to uninstall the app without any second thought. Hence, comprehensive layout is vital part of effective Android app development.

Battery Usage

You must ensure that your app doesn’t consume battery of a device instantly. Modern-day users prefer light mobile apps that run efficiently without putting an extra pressure on their device’s battery life.


Considering these key aspects will certainly help any mobile app development agency to launch an exceptional app. The more thoroughly you test these aspects, the better results you gain and the app will prove to be a success.

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