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This is the age of technological breakthroughs. And speaking of 2019, we’ve already witnessed some of the greatest feats in the app development industry. With that being said, the app economy is growing at a constant rate and is expected to continue growing. Apparently, it wouldn’t be possible without app developers who work day in and day out just to provide us with the best apps possible on respective platforms.

Speaking of platforms and OS, Apple’s iOS is hands down the most preferred and trusted platform followed by Google’s Android. That’s not it; iOS app development companies are also making the best out of this platform by introducing new apps every single day.

Being such a versatile platform, iOS gives the developers and businesses an avenue to put out their projects and make them available for the world to experience. No matter what the purpose of an app is, whether it’s for business or games, it is hands down the best market and an opportunity to make the name of your business.

The Task Isn’t As Easy As It Seems

 Being a leading mobile app development company in USA, we’d like to let you know that developing an iOS app is far more intricate and complicated when compared to other platforms. Keeping aside its user-friendliness and ease of access, the entire app development process is quite complex. Which is the reason why, we came with an initiative to enlist some of the major guidelines or practices that you, as a developer or a company need to consider.

Essential Guidelines for iOS App Development

 We’ve divided this whole process into certain stages of app development:

iconConceptualization and Wireframing

Get A Reliable Team

To get a great outcome, you need to hire  iOS app developers and relevant experts to pull off the task. The size of this team can be determined by the scope of work of the application. However, you need to make sure that every single member of your team should be experienced and innovative at the same time.

For companies, this can be done by thoroughly examining their developers working on the app development process. It is also crucial to take the resources into the account since developers need to incorporate them in the development stage.

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This probably is one of the most important stages of them all. This is where your app’s future gets recognition, whether it’ll taste success or will go down in the dirt. While running research, you need to examine the budget, marketing strategy, and since we are talking about iOS app development, you need to carefully run through the Apple App Store guidelines.

While creating the app, you need to make sure that it has a definite purpose after its deployment.

Design and Wireframe

Without an interesting design, your app is most likely to get bad reviews since we as users appreciate minimalism these days. This process includes user requirements, user stories, and wireframing. By identifying user requirements, you can make a more accurate and feature-packed application. User stories, on the other hand, contain the description of the features of each page in the software and are somewhat related to the wireframes.

If the user stories contain the description, wireframes are the illustration for each page. These are basically a set of images that contain the functionalities of an app along with its screens used for planning the structure of the mobile app.



Organize a good Structure

To get the most out of your app development process, it is quite important to act as per well-planned system architecture. This stage involves the collaboration between front-end and back-end developers to agree on standards, structures, and technologies that’ll later ensure the scalability of the application before even starting the development process.

The basic principle of the iOS app development is the Model View Controller (MVC framework). Apparently, it is broken down into three parts, namely; (1) User interface, (2) data, and (3) the software. It is quite important to consider these components while designing the initial architecture of the mobile application.

Develop Front and Back-End

The first thing that you need to know is that the whole process of iOS app development is collaborative and coordinated at all times. Front-end is all about caching and synchronization of the database, wireframes, mockups, testing, and even deployment. All these modules are built to deliver a smooth working application with the right orientation and user experience.

Back-end, on the other hand, focuses on the server-side of the application such as user account management and authentication, UX customization, server-side function maintenance, notification services, and application integration.

Test Your Application

Testing is hands down one of the crucial stages of the app development process. Being an iOS app development company, we’d recommend you to stress on testing out your app before the deployment. With the help of testing, you’ll be able to determine if you have managed to pass the requirements and acceptance criteria indicated in your project.

Not only it’ll test out your app’s smoothness, but it will also let you know whether there are any bugs that can influence a device’s performance. Along with that, you’ll be able to determine the security, usability, performance, compatibility, integrity, reliability, and scalability of the app.



Publish Your App

Once you are done with achieving all the requirements of your iOS application, it’s finally the time for you to publish the app on Apple’s App Store. To do that, you have to follow certain rules and guidelines and provide vital information of your application such as the app identifier, iOS provisioning profile; targets’ build settings in Xcode, App Store listing, version information, and release build before submission. However, you need to make sure that the information that you’ve given is legit because the store reserves the rights to reject apps that are insecure.


Once the app is published, your iOS app would need regular maintenance from your developers, testers, and technicians. This is quite a step which you don’t want to miss out on since it can make an impact on your customer retention rate. Version updates may also be required to cater to more and more devices.

Moreover, you can take the advantage of user feedback and reviews section of the app store to take a look at what users want the most and what they found unusual about the app. the more you provide them with what they want, the more users will choose your app.

Market and Promote It

It doesn’t matter how good your product is, and how much effort did you put into it, unless you market it properly. Digitization has brought us this far and wouldn’t it be right to use it for own benefit? You have to make sure that your target audience should be known to the fact that your app is out there in the market.

You can use the medium of social media, advertisements, and even SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Invest in creating and deploying effective marketing strategies because it can make a difference in your app’s standing in the market.

Other Factors to Lookout for in 2019


App Security

Whenever you are making an iOS app, you need to pay the utmost of attention towards App Security. Being the number one priority in Apple’s atmosphere, the company would not appreciate an intoxicated application on its App Store.


Swift 4

Quite recently, in fact, Apple launched it’s Swift 4. Since the time of its introduction, this language has been in the forefront, but this new version seems to be taking over the market since there are so many new features added that can lure developers.


Integration of AR and VR

The all-new AR2 kit is up for your grab, is known for enabling developers to integrate VR and AR features into the app so that users can experience everything in virtual reality. As far as AR is concerned, this kit will enable the users to explore AR from various angles.



It is been predicted that by the year 2025, the IoT wearable number would reach 75 billion. What it means, is that you should start considering making IoT apps to gain the advantage of the evolving technology.


Cloud Based Apps

Businesses, in particular, are keen on using cloud-based apps because it helps them in storing data, reduces hosting, and cost-efficient. The data can be accessed from anywhere which makes these apps the most preferred ones for businesses.

Wrap Up

Coming with such an iOS application requires dedication and most importantly experienced individuals. With that being said, it is our recommendation that you should consider hiring iOS app developers for the best results possible.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking forward to making an iOS application? If that so, then it is highly recommended to rely on a well known company. Speaking of which, Fluper would be a great choice for the task.

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