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How to Utilize ChatGPT Best for Online Design, and Can It Really Aid in Website Creation?
How to Utilize ChatGPT Best for Online Design, and Can It Really Aid in Website Creation?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no more only a naughty character from science fiction films or a far-off creation from a high-tech company’s lab. AI tools are steadily integrating themselves into everyday life. They are presently utilized as an internal component of conventional remedies outside of the consumer’s awareness.

Independent software that uses AI is widely accessible. The phenomena of ChatGPT are among the most stunning illustrations of this change in the AI sector.

Let’s Describe ChatGPT (That Came Out of GPT-4)

OpenAI created ChatGPT, a chatbot, at the end of November 2022. It is a multimodal big language model that has been taught to speak in-depth, meaningful sentences with the user. ChatGPT will respond in natural language based on the facts that appeared even before 2021. It is capable of producing programs for computers, academic essays, music, and poetry, as well as making music and responding to test questions in a conversational tone that is human-like.

Although ChatGPT can be used in a genuinely astounding diversity of ways, we should not ignore its drawbacks. ChatGPT occasionally produces inaccurate or illogical, yet convincing, responses. Researchers have found evidence of prejudice in ChatGPT’s responses about persons and social concerns. Despite these restrictions, ChatGPT managed to become a big hit and a worldwide phenomenon. The latest iteration of the chatbot, ChatGPT-4, was made available on March 14, 2023.

GPT-3.5 against GPT-4

Three major distinctions between GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 are identified by OpenAI. The updated form:

  • is more capable of reasoning,
  • provides replies that are shorter,
  • responds more slowly.

They added that GPT4 was more imaginative, more trustworthy, and capable of dealing with much more sophisticated instructions than GPT-3.5. The outcomes of the GPT-4 on many standardized tests show an improvement. It achieved an SAT score of 1410, placing it within the 94th percentile, and a GPT-3.5 is placed in the 82nd percentile. While ChatGPT-4 can accept photos in addition to text as input, Standard and Plus subscribers are not yet able to use this capability.

We are able to verify that the effortlessness of the discussion has much improved after using both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. The chatbot offers responses that are far more in line with the dialogue and can really deal with more challenging queries. ChatGPT inspires a growing number of use cases with all its fantastic features. It can support a variety of creative processes. It begs the issue of whether it will also be useful in website design…

Can a Website Be Made by ChatGPT?

No, ChatGPT as a text framework is unable to build a working website. Even ChatGPT kindly denied our request once we posed it to them. However, it gave us a 10-step tutorial on how to make one on our own. If you are interested, these are the steps:

If you have no prior expertise with web design and are unsure of where to begin when building your first website, it might be useful. However, it is not all ChatGPT has to offer. Let us explore what else ChatGPT may accomplish for you.

Using ChatGPT in Site Design

Consult ChatGPT About Learning Web Design

Use ChatGPT and urge it to educate you on web design instead of using Google. There are different tactics you can use. Start by asking more basic questions, such as “How to understand/become familiar with the creation of websites”, and use those as a jumping-off point as you probe the bot for more information on the detailed responses it offers.

Additionally, you can ask ChatGPT to create a strategy for the website design company and subsequently require it to supply material for presentations and slides. In this approach, you will receive a concise summary of the most crucial subjects along with a clear explanation. It is a fantastic place to start more in-depth research on the topic.

Asking ChatGPT for resources online or recommendations for books is another way you may utilize it to learn website design. You will be astonished by how quickly you may obtain a list of books along with a synopsis of each. You do not need to sift through a ton of Google results in the hopes of finding something worthwhile to read.

You Can Design a Website Outline with ChatGPT

Despite the fact that you may be acquainted with design concepts, you nonetheless have to understand how to apply them to a project. Asking ChatGPT for assistance in developing a website outline is acceptable; regardless of whether you want to construct a web page for a small company of yours or you are a designer who works independently that creates websites for clients. What web pages should be included in the undertaking and what ought to appear on each of them can be rapidly suggested to you by ChatGPT. Furthermore, you will be prepared to start working quickly and efficiently by skipping the time-consuming process of carrying out research and writing on a blank page.

The ideas it will provide for you are yours to do with as you like. Perhaps after rejecting them all, you will be motivated to think of something truly exceptional on your own. Or perhaps you will come up with a brilliant idea for an online presence that, with a few tweaks, will become a stunning design.

Generate Your Web Page’s Content Using ChatGPT

Not to be overlooked are ChatGPT’s exceptional copywriting abilities, which can greatly speed up your work. If you are a web designer who makes templates, you presumably already know that you cannot just load your page with mock content. It doesn’t provide the information a potential customer needs to purchase your design. The same is true for designers who engage in unique projects. There are mockups, sketches, and visualizations created before the final edition.

ChatGPT can produce content that is contextualized within the framework of the entire project. You are going to receive taglines, body content, and headlines that are appropriate for a website for a hairstylist. Additionally, you can write blog posts on pertinent subjects to offer your client even more comprehensive and expert services.

A Case Study of How ChatGPT Was Used to Create a Photography Company’s Website and Identity

Many business owners have already chosen to test out the new GPT for the purpose of website building as soon as it was publish. The problem we decided to bring up to you is straightforward: A photography company need to develop a brand identity and a landing page, and they sought ChatGPT’s assistance. The whole video of their efforts may be found at the following link:

The branding was where they began. They received logo proposals from ChatGPT for the business name they ultimately picked after it had generated name options for them. Additionally, they wanted ChatGPT to develop custom branding fonts and colors for their use across the board on the website.

They were pleased with the suggested names and logos, as well as how thoroughly the answers explained each choice. They were not entirely certain if the color scheme was the right choice for a photography company. Instead of being connect with creativity, which is crucial in photography, coral and navy blue are more frequently linked with commercial websites. They made the decision to use ChatGPT’s comments as much as feasible and not just as inspiration while they were coming up with the concept for this challenge.

That is what they actually did. To obtain a website as built by a chat robot as feasible, they did not change the responses or meddle with them in any way. Later, ChatGPT produced a website layout, gave them directions on what kind of items ought to appear on each web page, plus described each one in detail. It also produced all the content, which included the blog posts. In the final phase, they used a drag-and-drop builder for websites to put everything into a website.

The creation of the content, as well as the development of a working website, took them about three hours.

Cons and Pros of ChatGPT

Now that ChatGPT has undergone extensive testing, we can discuss all the benefits and drawbacks in greater detail.

The significant benefit of ChatGPT is the manner in which it quickly and significantly speeds up your work process. It used to take creators hours of thought to create custom body material for a website, but now they can just write it and simply copy and paste it in a matter of minutes. It is just astounding. It feels the same way about the procedure of coming up with names for businesses. You can compile an exhaustive list of 10-15 names in under a minute from which you can select one right away or continue looking for a better choice. Alternatively, you can continue conversing with the chatbot or do it yourself. It is incredible and can play many roles depending on the situation.

As for the drawbacks, we already note that some users are not really fond of the suggested color palette. You would appreciate that you receive more than just a list of colors, right? Yes, you will receive explanations for each one’s selection as well as guidelines for using each one in your design. It will ignore the fact, though, that the color scheme was not appropriate for your project. It, in our opinion, demonstrates the general limits of systems like ChatGPT. The best outcomes can only be achieve with human supervision. ChatGPT is not a skilled designer when it comes to knowledge synthesis. It is crucial that you make the ultimate decision regarding the quantity of AI’s suggestions that will be implemented in the project.

We previously used ChatGPT-3.5 and Midjourney to build a website, but we assumed somewhat of a creative director role for the entire project. With a more appealing website, the end product was significantly more impressive. We continue to believe that artificial intelligence tools are really beneficial and improve productivity, therefore we can see ourselves utilizing them frequently to get ideas and create material. And you should also, in our opinion.

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