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The first and foremost thing that you need to know is that business analysis identifies the business needs and determine what solutions are needed to run things hassle-free.

Business analysis is hands down the most crucial aspect when it comes down to app development as most of the things are highly dependent upon them. To run a successful business, you need to hire and rely on business analysts. They are the ones who collaborate with business users, project managers, and others to gather as many requirements as possible.

Why Business Analysts Are So Important For An Organization?

As an app development company, we totally understand the importance of BAs, as without them the app development process would’ve been a blunder.

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It doesn’t matter what the project is, because a business analyst can break down large and complex projects into small parts which make things easier for teams to carry out work quite easily. By breaking it down into small components, the testing and reviewing of the process will become easier which ensures that the customer gets the best possible product they can think of.

Once you start the process, BAs keep an eye on the progress and makes sure that if the current progress rate matches the proposed timeline that the client asked for.

When it comes down to addressing the issues in the ongoing project, the project manager needs to coordinate with the business analyst. Once the discussion is over, they need to note down those issues to check whether they are making an impact on the management or not.

After that, the BA carries out numerous calculations and relies on trustworthy sources for data and information to get rid of those issues as soon as possible. Later on, they recommend the solution to project managers who then implement the changes in the process.

There are so many organizations that follow a strict protocol wherein the development team is not allowed to have direct communication with the client. They believe that developers are not qualified for that purpose, which is why business analysts are required for this aspect. The analyst communicates with the client to address their issues and later provide them with a solution given by the development team.

It doesn’t what your organization is all about, but it always looks forward to expanding itself to new opportunities. However, it is not possible for them to take decisions that need thorough calculations and analysis. A business analyst, on the other hand, can easily carry out analysis as they are well aware of market fluctuations, risks, and benefits to target a particular market. Moreover, they can provide appropriate analysis to those who are looking forward to expanding their company.

The Business Analysis Process to Build Mobile Apps

 Business analysis is basically the initial stage of any product development; it doesn’t matter whether it is an app or anything else. We, being a leading iOS app development company, know that the whole process of making an app starts with Discovery, Q&A, and so on. Now, you’d like to know these stages, isn’t that right? Well, don’t worry because, we have enlisted every single one of them down, just for your own convenience.


It is that stage where you carefully determine what exactly is the client looking for. A business analyst, on the other hand, can easily acclimate to find all aspects that can help out the company in making the app. this step is usually classified as a form of survey or Q&A sessions.

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The more questions you get from BAs, the better. Here we have mentioned some of the frequently asked questions that might help you.

iconWhat sets you apart from the competition?

iconThe target audience for your app?

iconWhen notification should trigger?

iconWhy certain features are missing?

Functional Requirements

Now that analysts are dome with the discovery stage of app development, its time move a step further and start working on functional requirements. Here we have made a differentiation between functional and non-functional requirements.

We, being an app development company, design functional requirements while keeping in iOS and Android guidelines in mind. Our analysts always make sure to use the trendiest piece of technology which can be used within the client’s app.

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Non-Functional Requirements

These are such requirements that define the general “app properties”. Here are some of them, do make sure to check them out.

iconiOS and Android versions to support

iconMaximum number of users to perform the same action simultaneously

iconThe screen resolution, device models, and so on.

Once you determine these aspects, the app’s budget and timeline become more realistic.

The Prototype, UI Storyboards, and so on

Once BAs are done with explaining the app’s features, they can start working on the prototyping stage of app development. Moreover, they have to make sure that all functionalities should merge into one unique interface.

Our mobile app developers and BAs follow the best practices known to the app development industry. As far as the storyboards are concerned, they relay the users’ journey in the app as they perform basic actions.

Functional Design Specification

Functional Design Specification (FDS) is just a single document that defines all the requirements and prototypes. In most of the app development companies, FDS is the end of business analysis, but, since we are a top-rated app development company, our BA stays active throughout the designing, development, and QA stage. It helps us to provide the best services possible to our clients.

So, these were some of the aspects that we think are enough to explain to you the significance of business analysts in the mobile app Development Company. As we said, with BAs the whole app development process would’ve become just degrading show that nobody would ever want.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking forward to making an app that can skyrocket your business? If that so, then we are glad to tell you that this is the right place you are looking at. We, being a best mobile app development company in Chicago, would be very happy to help you out and that too at reasonable rates, which nobody would to miss out on.

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Akansha Pandey, Director of Sales at Fluper, is a leader in technology sales with a decade of experience. Known for her strategic approach, she excels in driving business growth and forging strong client relationships. Akansha's expertise lies in consultative selling, team leadership, and exceeding revenue targets. Passionate about mentoring, she enjoys sharing insights with aspiring sales professionals.

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