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The Hospitality industry has witnessed a significant boom since the concept of hotel booking apps have come in the market. Hotel booking apps have gained much popularity by reducing the steps to book a hotel and making apps more comprehensive and straightforward for users. The hospitality industry is receiving a good response after the pandemic and people are looking for more authentic and worthy apps to confirm their booking well before they leave for any family trip or business tour. You can surely make the most out of a hotel booking app for your hotel in the current scenario when the app market is flourishing full-fledged with astounding number of downloads for such apps. But before you hire any Android app development company, you must read this post carefully to get a fair estimate of what exactly you will need to focus on while developing your hotel booking app.

Things need to focus while developing Hotel Booking App-

Things need to focus while developing Hotel Booking App

Surprising Figures

According to jersey island holiday report, there will be 700 million people who will book their hotels online by 2023. Apart from this, 57% of the hotel bookings across the globe are done online. Moreover, the share of online revenue will reach 75% till 2023 which is an exciting estimate and a reason to rejoice for almost every hotel owner.

Now let’s talk about some essential and inevitable features to be included in some best Android tablet apps to make sure that it works for your hotel business.

The Search Option

Search and all the related features are the building blocks of any hotel booking mobile app, hence, you must know exactly that how these features are going to help a user in finding your hotel. You must allow users to specify three major parameters at the first set out:

  • Location: the city where they are going to visit
  • Date: Arrival & Departure date
  • Quantitative parameters: the number of rooms they will require along with number of persons.

It will be better to include filters to narrow down their search options and to allow them to make it more specific with options like:

  • Per Night total budget
  • Star rating
  • Review score
  • Hotel & Room Facilities
  • Distance from the city center
  • Meals

You can opt to add another great tool to tailor search results through Sorting. Try adding prices from the lowest to highest, popularity, hotels with best review scores first, distance from the city center.  However, the list can be different also depending on your business needs and requirements for an iPad app development.

In-App Map

This is the last feature to improve the search functionality. It will require Google Map integration with the app. It will allow your users to look for places to stay with the help of this map. It will be quite beneficial for those who are looking for some certain place to stay.

Detailed Information

You will need to add a hotel details screen on your app to help users make a final decision besides the price, location, cover photo, and review score. A catchy hotel details screen scheme must include hotel pics, description, facilities, Check-in-check-out time, user reviews, accommodation options, Maps, and social media shares. Make sure to add detailed information in your Unity app development regarding availability of rooms that draws special attention. A room details screen will include Room name & type, price, room pics, general conditions, amenities, meals, and user reviews.

Make sure that you always keep your CTA button visible and make it easy to navigate.

Handling payments

When the user finds a suitable accommodation option in any mobile app development, he moves to the last stage of the journey; towards checkout process and if it is too clumsy or fussy, you may face high abandonment rate.

Check-out Process

The thumb rule for any check out process is always the same; make it fast and easy, yet you need to add some personal information section before they check out your app. Usually, the checkout process is divided into two major sections; filling personal info and overview & confirmation. The Overview screen should allow users to check the following options:

  • Name of the property
  • Check-in and checkout time and date
  • Total number of nights and people in booking
  • Total price including taxes
  • Free cancellation options (if required)

Payment gateway

You don’t need to get into the details for this option, just select a popular payment gateway and your developer will take care of the rest technicalities. Just ask your developer to focus on some key aspects like pricing, payout time, supported payment methods and currencies.

Personal profiles

It’s the last set of hotel mobile app features. Make sure that you link personal data to a particular user and set up and save private settings. It will be better to offer personalized discounts and storing the personal data for further use. Look for a trusted Ionic app development company for best results.

All the above-mentioned aspects are a rough estimate for any hotel’s mobile app. You can surely add some specialized features and settings as per your business requirements. Your developer will guide you on how to implement those additional features.

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