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Steps To Add Product Custom Options In Woocommerce

When any customer giving immense time on a webpage comprised of different products, yet not able to decide his/her desired product, he/she will think of visiting related suggestive products once. It is a common probability of a customer to choose the main product along with shortlisting subsidiary alternative products. For example,  if any customer purchasing a laptop via an online platform, he would also like to take other custom products like speakers, USB Mouse, or a laptop bag, etc. Hence, giving the reference to secondary options would be appreciable to incorporate on the similar product page. 

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If these custom product alternatives are available on a particular product page, then it instigates your customer to purchase those additional products at a time. At the time of purchasing the main product, buying other custom products is a common habit of any customer. It happens because- 

  • These custom product alternatives help your customers collectively select their required custom products to purchase. 
  • It is beneficial in one sense customers can save their valuable effort and time instead of searching separately those custom items. 
  • This thing also lets customers pay for every product (primary searched product and secondary suggestive products) together one single time. 

Apart from that, while purchasing online items, your customers always might not be able to think of these secondary important products that they require to purchase or wish to purchase. Therefore, offering these custom product alternatives on the same main product page would also work as a reminder for the customers to buy custom products that they can afford together. 

Custom Product alternatives Woocommerce Plugin enables you to provide your customers plethora of different options to choose from and buy custom items that are linked with the main product’s page automatically. This plugin process works emphatically for both variable items (having different varieties) and simple items (single variety). 

Let’s have a glance at several features of this product custom alternatives plugins-

  • Pricing Options:

This product custom alternatives plugin comes with two different pricing options from which you can select your desired products. 

  • Fixed Price:

A custom product fixed price is just a simple added base product’s price that helps people to calculate the final price easily. 

  • Percentage of Base Price:

This option indicates custom product’s price is taken as a base product’s percentage price and then added to those base prices of the products to get the final price altogether.

  • Option to Develop 6 Different Custom Input Fields:

This plugin process serves you with an option that consists of 6 different input field types. These input fields are Text Box, Radio Buttons, Check Box, Text Area, Dropdown, and Image Upload. 

  • Text Box:

This field considers your customers to insert their customer products associated needs. Here you can bound the number of input characters in its Text Box. 

  • Text Area:

This field considers your customers to convey their requirements related to custom items by writing and explaining in the given text area.  

  • Check Box:

Through this check box field, you can give your customers the authority to choose several options of custom items.

  • Radio Button:

With the help of this option, one can restrict their customers to select any of the given choices.  

  • Image Upload:

Often, it has seen customers come with a specific input that they would like to convey by giving an image. This image upload option permits them to do accordingly.

  • Dropdown Option:

This dropdown option helps you to introduce your different fields to the customers in a certain dropdown list. 

  • The choice to Have Mandatory or Conditional Input Field

According to your web page’s or product listings requirement, you can create a Custom Input Field mandatory or conditional for your customer base.  

  • Styling Choices:

Different styling choices are available to select from including Label Styling, Description Styling, and Heading Styling.  

  • Option to Write Description for Each Choice:

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After the installation of a product custom alternative plugin into your website, you are enabled to offer your customers additional product options. These products are supposed to buy rapidly by customers. 

So what are you waiting for? If you have not installed yet this product custom plugin option on your website, then go ahead right now and install this plugin immediately.

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