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We are living in the digital era when most people favor perfection all the time, as it comes to the looks. However, there are several innovative mobile apps offered for modification. No wonder, several of them are very famous and have secured a permanent place in people’s mobile phones. People like using these camera-inbuilt applications, instead of their phone camera.

FaceApp, the app that uses advanced software algorithms to change selfies and make people look older or younger virtually than their real age has all of a sudden become a famous name in the market. The probability is high that you may have seen your friends or office colleagues sharing their photos of their self-portraits using the artificial intelligence (AI) app. But there are privacy policies of the app that you should read and understand before getting started with this highly advanced App.

However, if you’d like to make an app just like FaceApp, then we are glad to tell you that this is the right place you are looking at. Being a leading iOS app Development Company, we’d be happy to help you out.

Now, before moving any further, it would be right if we let you know what exactly FaceApp is, and what features it provides to its users.

What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is a photo-morphing app that uses Artificial Intelligence with a seamless transition to add virtual effects in the image. The app uses neural face transformations to make hilarious, creepy, weird, and sometimes interesting alterations to faces. With this app, you can also edit the photos from your Phone library or you can take a photo within the app. If you love taking photos then, FaceApp’s AI prediction makes you look much more realistic.

One of the reasons that have helped the AI integrated app to become famous is the accuracy with which it edits selfies and makes people look younger or older than their age. The app currently available for download on iOS and Android devices applies various unique filters to transform your age or gender.

Key features of the FaceApp You Need To Know

FaceApp is an astonishing app with a lot of features that you can use in a real-time manner. The app offers a host of features to add design touches to your photos. Below, we have brought out for you the key features of FaceApp, so here we discuss them one by one.


This is one significant feature that is built-in mostly all apps nowadays. So, your AI integrated photo editing app is going to work with user-data, hence signup and login aspect would allow you to use the data.


Image Loading:

Such a photo editing app will be requiring access to your phone’s camera, to work with the photos in real-time. However, you can also edit your photos later from the phone gallery.


Edit Photos:

The app offers wide-ranging camera filters, you can try and include as many tempting and new camera filters as you wish. Below listed are some unique filters of the app you can use to edit your photo:

iconSmiley feature

iconFemale filter

iconMale filter

iconYoung filter

iconOld filter.


Save Photos:

With this app, you can save and edit your pictures in the phone gallery, and also share them on different social media platforms with your friends.

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Social media integration:

The app also allows you to share your edited photos with your friends on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Though the app was launched in 2017, the app lately gained the attention as the in-app features have been added in the app. The AI photo editor app enables users to edit their photos to make it appear older or younger.

Steps to download FaceApp

iconInstall the FaceApp from Google Play or App Store.

iconOpen the app to sign-in.

iconYou will see a live view of your camera with a head-shaped place. The overlay fades away when the app detects a face. Position your face within the head-shaped area.

iconOnce you are done with framing, tap on shutter button and you can choose any of the social media share icons to share your photo with your friends.

How much does FaceApp cost?

You can use FaceApp without any charge, but for using advanced filters you have to pay $3.99.

Here’s what benefits you get if you pay the $3.99:

iconYou won’t see any more advertisements as you are using the app.

iconYou have the choice to eliminate the FaceApp watermark.

iconIn photos with several faces, you can choose the one to apply FaceApp filters.

However, FaceApp is free to download app available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app, however, comes with in-app purchases. For now, the mobile app developers are offering a “premium version” of the application as well called “FaceApp Pro.” The Pro version of the app offers you full-size filters, mix and match styles, filter updates, and ad-free usage. The app monthly subscription costs merely Rs $3.99 whereas a yearly package will cost $25 and if you are interested in the premium version of the app for a lifetime period then you have to pay just $ 45.

How Much Does It Cost To make an app like FaceApp for iOS or Android?

Well, the cost to develop an image editing mobile app like FaceApp greatly depends on the intricacy of the project, like the number of filters that need to be implemented, how experienced and knowledgeable is your programmers and developers’ team and what location you decide for the mobile app development service.

Considering approximately 850 hours of development time to create an app like FaceApp. The total cost would be $30k to $50k if you have hired app development specialists in the U.S. The more updated versions of your application you want to release, the more funds you will need respectively. The total cost of FaceApp like app may vary from $30k to $50k including back-end charges.

Meanwhile, the development work of the app usually costs $40/hour, which means you would require spending around $34,000 on the development cost to get a photo editor app like FaceAPP with the basic features. Hence, the most profitable would be to contact a mobile app development company in the US to create a Photo-editing app with unique functionalities.

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, we can say that FaceApp won its fame due to its wide expansion. This application is a blend of smart design and unique functionality. As there are no clones of the FaceApp in the marketplace, so the app is going to be a huge hit.

If you are thinking of creating a new photo editing app on your own then Fluper is ready to assist you in the development part. So stay with us and we will arrange the photo editing mobile app development process for your project.


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