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With the immense access to the internet and smartphones, our lives have become quite easy than they were before. We tend to work out most of the things with our smartphones; do you know the reason why? Well, if you guessed mobile apps, then we are glad to tell you that you are right. There are literally millions of apps available on both the Android’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Holding such popularity among us, businesses nowadays are using apps as the medium for marketing, promotion, and anything that can benefit them in the best possible way. There are so many reasons behind the mobile app’s popularity, and we, being the Good Samaritan have enlisted some of them for your convenience.

Benefits of Mobile Apps

iconMobile Apps are Faster

iconProvides Personalized Content

iconAlmost Instant Access to Online and Offline Content

iconUse Device’s Features

iconPush Notifications

iconBranding and Design

iconProductivity and Cost Reduction

iconInteractive Engagement

Well, in this context, we’ll be focusing a lot more on Real Estate Business than any other venture. Back then, before our introduction to mobile phones and apps, we were a lot dependent upon Montreal real estate agents who, to be honest, were not so reliable and credible. But, since we’ve got a hold of real estate apps, things have relatively become easier than we ever thought would be.

Why Invest in Making a Real Estate App?

Being a mobile app development company, we’ll keep things straightforward. Let’s imagine a scenario where you are looking for a property, would you like to move places to places to look for an appropriate place? No, exactly. Well, that’s where a mobile app comes in handy. It is being said that more than desktop and PCs, customers are switching their interests over to smartphones. Having the capabilities to use GPS and other device feature, mobile phones can provide the user with the utmost level of on-point information without going places to places. From buying or selling a property to home renovation and everything in between, mobile apps give you access to all appropriate information on the go.

Apparently, the real estate sector has been going slow in adopting the new mobile technology trends. As per our point of view, if realtors fail to use the existing technology which is preferred by the customers, they are most likely to lose the opportunity to grow.

With the rapid growth of mobile technology, real estate mobile app development can help you attract as much traffic as you want. Now the bottom line is having a relevant and user-friendly app for real estate can make you achieve your goals and can create great market reputation altogether.

Benefits of a Real Estate App

 Here we have listed some of the plus points of having a real estate app:

Benefits Of Real Estate App

iconIncrease in levels of customer engagement and conversion.

iconHassle-free co-ordination among the software developer and the estate manager.

iconEmpowering clients with geo-tagging

iconClient support for 24/7

iconImproved real estate or property insights

iconA Clear view of the real estate property

iconFaster Property Search

With the help of a real-estate application, those who are looking to buy and rent a property can check out all the available property listings with ease. An app can provide the user with all relevant prices, areas, and images which will ultimately improve customer experience and attract new customers as well.

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Enhanced Customer Support

A real estate app can create a communication bridge between the seller and buyer through an integrated chatting feature. It also enables a user to receive push notifications to stay updated at all times.


Direct Marketing Channel

Having a real estate app is alone an achievement, and along with that, it is a great marketing tool that doesn’t cost any extra money. Moreover, the app can offer great and special deals to all the users hassle-free.


Creates Business Identity

In order to grow your real estate business, what could be better than providing the customer with an app? Having all the necessary tools and features, a real estate app can take your business to the utmost level of sophistication and heights that you’ve never imagined.


Increase Speed of Sales

Evidently, the most important thing that is associated with purchasing any property is the calculation of amount and EMIs. If a client is facing delays while confirming loan details, it will definitely slow down the transaction speed, which nobody would like to experience.


How Making a Real Estate App is a Profitable Idea?

The first thing that you need to know is that whenever you to choose to make an app, it is a recommendation to rely on a trustworthy a mobile app development company.

Improved Customer Experience Can Help Your Business to Reach Heights

Incorporating all the essential real estate initiatives, you can ensure that your customers don’t have to leave the comfort of their houses to look for properties. Well, in order to do that, ask your app development company to put out the listing as per locations. Once you do that, all the relevant information regarding price, site, images, and area can be easily within the mobile app.

However, you need to know for the fact that customers only approach those brands that offer them something unique. So, what are you going to do about it? Well, you need to provide your users with a personalized experience to build a powerful identity in the market.

A Faster Sales Process Can Seal More Deals in Less Time

So, you have an adequate, engaging, and an easy-to-use app for real estate business. Well, we are here to tell you that it doesn’t end here. You have to make sure that your app has been developed strategically; then only your business objectives will perfectly align with your customer interest. Through real estate app development, you can provide your users with undeniable offers and attractive deals at no extra costs whatsoever.

Another aspect of a real estate app that you don’t want to miss out on is the calculation of EMIs. Consider making mortgage and loan calculator while developing the app, once you do that, it’ll give you a clear chance to attract more buyers.

Using the Latest Technology in Real Estate App Development

As far as the latest technology is concerned, AR is said to be the area of relevancy in real estate app development. As AR has the capability to overlay virtual images on the physical world, it can prove to be a great asset in real estate apps.

A real estate app can provide the customers with detailed specifications about the renovation and property tools and that too in real-time. With the incorporation of AR, an app can provide a virtual feel to the customers, along with that I can stimulate more property visits.

The Features that Your Real Estate App Should Have

The User Interface


Client preferences

Ask your app developer to add a favorites list that can enable filter as per the user’s preferences.


3D View

A 3D view is hands down the best way to look into anything. In this case, you and your broker or agent can view the property listing with ease.



This feature will enable reminders and alerts for any of the relevant real estate listings.


Area Navigation

With this feature, you’ll be able to see the property as per the area or location.



This feature will let you use the app while providing a personalized behavior as you are logged in.


Verification and Approval

Approving a user, broker, and an estate manager is probably the most important aspect of a real estate application.


Calculator for Mortgage

This will tell you the appropriate mortgage rates that can be achieved.


Calculator for Rate of Interest

It’ll help you getting an on-point rate of interest.

The Admin Interface


Mailing facility

It’ll ensure all the requests can be monitored in a systematic manner.


Organized Back-End Facility

This feature will make sure that the total number of users can be monitored hassle-free through CRM and ERP facilities.


The List of Classifieds

This feature will include options like deleting, entering or modifying a particular listing.


Payment Platforms

This option will be having the mode of payments, a facility for the conversion of currency, and management of finances.

Wrapping Up

With all the facts that we’ve mentioned above, it is now quite clear that mobile apps will play a major role in taking the real estate business to new heights. However, if you are looking to one for your own business, then it is our recommendation to rely on a well-rounded mobile app development company in Chicago.

Final Thoughts

Making an app is itself quite a hectic task, which is why app development companies are here to save the day. With that being said, it is highly recommended to choose an appropriate one. Well, in this context, what’s better than relying on Fluper? Being a top-rated app development company, its developers and team would be very happy to help you out.


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