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We have come a long way ever since smartphones were introduced for the very first time. Today, the mobile manufacturing industry sits on top of the revenue food chain. The need for smartphones has risen to a whole another extent, the reason being the apps that we use and rely on for almost every single task. With that being said, making such apps wouldn’t be possible with the app development industry, don’t you agree?

Apps are being built daily, irrespective of their genres; we tend to rely on them for even the most basic task possible. Quite recently it is has been shown that mobile apps are now spreading claws around the education industry. Well, there’s no doubt that with appropriate apps and tools, we can witness a whole new era in the education sector.

Along with the education industry, there are several others as well who have witnessed a new way to market and promote their services. Food, travel, I.T, automotive, entertainment, and gaming industry are fine examples of what we just said earlier.

mobile app development company

Education, being a vital part of an individual’s personality, apps can make it more interactive, informative, and interesting at the same time. Now, the question is “how exactly apps will revolutionize the education industry?” Well, that’s why we are here. Being a top-rated app development company, we are glad to tell you that we’ve mastered the art of education app development. Developing such apps can somewhat set us free from some of these problems in the traditional study.

iconNo time flexibility

iconEducation is quite expensive these days

iconLack of time for working people

iconNo proper study material

iconNo student engagement

To be honest, we can go on and on when it comes down to enlisting the flaws of the education industry, but only mobile apps can mend those.

It has been predicted that the E-Learning market will surpass $243 billion by the year 2022. Now that students have access to the internet and smartphones, why wait any further than start implementing apps just to reform the education industry.

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The Benefits of Mobile Apps in the Education Industry

 It’s 2019 we are living in, those times are long gone when students had no internet connectivity and access to smartphones. Now the times have changed, with educational apps, students can conquer the whole concept of study. There is no doubt about the fact that students are more determined towards using their smartphones and this might be the right time to start making educational apps.

With such mobile applications, students can easily get access to information from no matter where they are, which makes them a more interactive way to attract students towards study.

iconInteractive Learning

With the traditional education system, students have to look into their books to gather up knowledge. But even since Google made the appearance, searching out stuff has never so easy, but it lacks full-fletched school syllabus. This is where education apps can make a difference, students can learn from the apps anytime and anywhere. Education apps carry out studies with mediums like games and even video tutorials.

Other than that, students can take part in interactive quizzes as well, which generates interest and an urge to learn new things.

icon24×7 Availability

This right here is one of the plus points of a mobile application. Students usually need to attend lectures during school hours and don’t get that much of a time for clearing out queries. Also, some students earn to learn, for them, it is not possible to attend lectures. With such a hurdle to face, why not prefer using an educational application.

mobile app development company

iconReal-Time Messaging

Messaging is one of those features that you can use on almost every single mobile application, it’s that important to incorporate. With such a feature, teachers and students can get into lively conversations regarding any doubts or anything else. The possibilities are just impeccable and so many, to be honest.


Most of you must be thing what’s tracking doing down here? It’s not e-commerce we are talking about. Well, with the help of education apps, parents and students themselves can track down progress regarding any particular topic or syllabus. Along with that, these apps provide special attention to those who aren’t that bright for a student.


Have you ever come across the term E-Books and E-Book apps? If not, then we are sad to tell that you are missing out a lot. Students nowadays are pretty much dependent upon technology a lot, which is the reason why app development companies have recently started making E-Books for the welfare of students. With the help of these apps students can easily segregate study material, having search options available; using these apps is a lot easier.


Till this date, we’ve been introduced with some of the most noteworthy techs, and as far as the education app development is concerned, we can accept these technologies to play an integral part in it. These technologies include AI, AR and VR. Both AR and VR provide the user with visual graphics of images and videos which can help them understand the most complicated of stuffs.

Some Revolutionary Educational Apps

Nowadays both the Android’s and Apple’s app stores are filled up with apps, but when it comes down to educational apps, there are only a handful of apps on which you can rely. Now, it’s time for us to enlist some of them for your convenience.


EdX is hands down the most unique education mobile application. Instead of just offering courses from professionals, it offers courses from actual colleges. However, you won’t be getting any legit college degree from there, for obvious reasons. But, the app has courses in engineering, history, psychology, statistics, computer programming, and nutrition. The app provides both offline and online video lectures, tutorials and everything in between.

iconKhan Academy

Being quite a renowned education application, Khan Academy offers a variety of courses and classes to all its students. It currently has more than 10,000 instructional videos, classes, and other content which gets updated regularly, and the best part about the app is all its content is absolutely free. The app provides courses for history, science, economics, and mathematics. Along with that, there is also an app for kids that have many of the same features.

iconGoogle Play Books

This app has undergone some changes ever since it was released for the very first time. Now with all those changes, this app is ranked amongst the top education apps out there. For instance, you can choose your books ranging from fantasy and fiction, comics, virtual reality, and everything in between. Along with that, there is also a wide range of educational books, textbooks, guidebooks, and other study materials.

Wrap Up

Now that we are done with explaining all the benefits and aspects that may affect the education industry, it’s quite obvious that education app development is quite the way to go. Education app developers are the ones who have the audacity to bring noteworthy changes in our typical education industry. Being an app development company itself, we recommend you to consider making one as chances of you scoring is considerable and worth a shot.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking forward to making an app like the ones we mentioned above? If that so, then you need to rely on a trustworthy company. Since we are talking about trust, what could be better than relying on Fluper? We, being a best mobile app development company, would be very happy to help you out and that too at affordable rates.

mobile app development company

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