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People across the globe are now restricted to go outside for their own safety as coronavirus spreading like a wildfire, just like the ones we witness in Australia earlier this year.

Since such a restriction latched on to us, bigg Boss 2 options available in working from home. But for those who are not what working, have got only one option available and that is to binge watch every single episode every single movie that live streaming apps offer.

Whether you believe it or not but, amidst the Coronavirus lockdown the online streaming application industry has seen a major boom as people are downloading apps like Netflix and Amazon PrimeVideo for their entertainment. However, we have also seen a major growth in piracy.

A piracy tracking firm Muso recently registered more than 11 billion visits on illegal piracy sites in the last two months, and that number number is global. The company found out that on an average, daily torrent downloads increased significantly by 36%.

Enough with the piracy, now it’s time to talk about, how exactly do live streaming apps are making billions of dollars.

The error of live streaming applications


The main reason behind such popularity offline streaming app is the fact that they had huge user base and global reputation way  ahead of the lockdown, and apparently this lockdown has helped these applications to score even more. live streaming applications have the potential to use thousands of new users with only a tap. To help you understand more about these applications, we have invested some of the features and benefits that you will get if you get a hold on to these applications.

Benefits of video streaming applications


It is the fact that live streaming is not a new concept. Over the last several years, many television companies went beyond atypical TV screen and presented their content on mobile applications which made their audiences more inclined towards their services. Moreover, it has been found that TV companies are also offering mobile applications that are specially designed to promote and extend the experience of the audience’s favourite TV shows.

Following are some of the benefits that you will get, if you bother to download a live streaming application:

iconMobile access

When it comes down to accessibility, there is no denying the fact that smartphones should be your very first priority. Have you heard the quote “anytime, anywhere”? Well, this quote makes more sense in the app development industry then anything else. It has been found that ever since the television production provide their own application, have seen a significant increase in their broadcast range, both in terms of geographical and demographical aspects.


On time notifications about upcoming episodes and even broadcasts

Smartphones have become brothers things which we humans tend to carry at all times. Thus, another benefit that we get is on time notifications that enlighten us about the upcoming movies and episodes of our favourite web series.

Branch/content providers, send us notifications at the right time just to ensure your that we don’t miss out on new episodes, and it also ensures them that we don’t go on the lookout for such content anywhere else.


Content on demand

Apart from just watching new episodes, we can we watch on demand previous streams that developers and brands stores in the cloud.

If you are a developer or a company that is providing video streaming services then it is highly recommended that you should never dedicate your application to a single show only. The reason being, you might not interact with great amount of users. But it does have some perks, like you won’t need a significant server capacity. Of course, if you decide to further grow your live streaming platform then you would have to to invest in greater server-side expenses.


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Brands can gather relevant feedback

Apart from us, who are getting immense amount of benefits from live streaming applications, brands and service providers on the other hand too to get certain amount of benefits.

Back in in the days when there were no live streaming apps, things were quite difficult for broadcasters to get reliable information about how audience is reacting to their content. With a mobile application, brands can get feedbacks along with relevant information about users’ engagement.

The first and foremost in which you as a brand should do is carry out user polls. By doing so, you will get exact feedback on your shows and you can engage your audience by providing them with the possibility e to influence your future broadcasts.

Secondly, with the help of app analytics tools, you can easily track user engagement while they are watching your shows and interact with the app itself. With such a tactic, Juliet for the knowledge on how to make your mobile and television products better to bring in more engagement.



Live streaming apps let you build a social community

Nowadays, every other application has social media integration. In fact, it has become a must have feature if you want your users to build a community of devoted and engaged active users for your brand. As a brand/content provider, you can encourage your uses to invite their friends from various social media platforms like Facebook Instagram or Twitter to interact with each other within an application. By doing so, you can make yourusers more inclined towards your content and they can also discuss your upcoming episodes on new episodes by participating in polls.


Unified login system

As a brand it is your responsibility to implement a unified login system that will make things easier for your users to connect weather application from other social networks. Other than that, new users won’t face any issues if you manage to provide them an option to login quickly using their social media profiles on various platforms.


Offers unique content

It has been found that TV channels provide online access to the content through social media platforms and video hosting services like YouTube. The issue is, this approach will make your online content to scattered around social media which will made things quite difficult for the user to find it, I like it wasn’t enough it will make your content completely irrelevant or we should say non-unique.

In order to rectify this issue, you will have to to offer a well structured and accessible content with Europe to motivate your audience to use your application.


Live streaming is affordable

Back in the days when live streaming just came out, only had a handful of apps available. But its 2020 we are living in, which means times have changed. Now we’ve got so many free video live streaming services, but they usually entail pop up ads that irritate us. For that reason itself, it is highly recommended to go for a full-fledged streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime video or Hulu. Though, these apps are quite mainstream, the man is to provide their content at at reasonable charges which means they are not as expensive as you might imagine. For instance, Amazon Prime video tends to offer it’s services for as low as thousand rupees per year in India.

Final Words

Now that you know how live streaming apps are changing the world of entertainment, this might be the right time for you download one. We highly recommend you to download Amazon Prime video, Netflix, and Hotstar, three of these applications do have some of the best web series and movies you can watch during this lock down.


Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar is the brilliant mind behind the technology at Fluper, serving as the Chief Technology Officer. With a wealth of experience in software development and a passion for leveraging the latest technologies, Vinay drives the technical vision of Fluper's projects. His expertise in creating scalable and robust solutions ensures Fluper delivers best-in-class products exceeding client expectations.

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