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You must be aware of the fact that this era is somewhat dominated by technology and its latest trends. Everywhere you look at; there are chances that there has been an incorporation of technology. From the simplest of things, it is something we cannot live without; it has become oxygen for us. Not only technology is helping us live our life to the fullest, industries nowadays are doing everything they can just to harness it in their business module.

It has become more sophisticated and useful since its incorporation with the internet. Since the time we have come across unlimited access to the internet, we can all admit to the fact that our lives have become quite easy and tolerable. If you are not agreeing to that, you are not living in the real world.

Why IoT Is The Need Of This Hour?

IoT is usually considered as a revolution for mobile, home, and embedded apps that can be connected to the internet, to carry out communication between various devices. These devices share the data on the cloud and analyze it in a secure manner which is one thing that businesses are looking for nowadays.

Many industries are adopting IoT solutions technology to make improvements in their existing business modules. For instance, the health care industry is using IoT devices to improve their medical outcomes.

IoT’s Impact

 Since we are talking about technology’s incorporation, we need to address the education industry which is quite new to it but growing somewhat at a constant rate. Today, educators are using the internet to bring reforms to the typical education system. However, it’s not just limited to classrooms; instead, classrooms can be transported outside just like Open University education with the help of tablets and e-learning software.

IoT is evidently a new system which is designed to increase connectivity between computer systems, bringing changes in education which nobody ever thought of. IoT has got every possible thing that is to be needed to bring changes in the physical environment and structured learning. Smart schools have such facilities that function smooth enough and that too with highly personalized learning methods that students admire. These facilities coupled with the vigorous computational power of IoT can help schools to track and maintain lesson plans; keep an eye on student’s progress, etc.

How IoT Is Beneficial For Education Industry?

Here we have listed some of the ways through which the education industry is bringing reforms in how stuff is being taught.

iconInteractive Learning

This is one of the ways through which the education industry is breaking down all learning barriers that we had back in the days. With IoT’s interactive learning, the study isn’t just limited to textbooks; instead, students are moving beyond the traditional text and image. Most of the textbooks nowadays are available on the internet; moreover, teachers can engage students in the classroom environment by providing a series of additional materials, assessments, videos, and other interactive learning via IoT software.

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Thanks to IoT and other relevant technologies, a student doesn’t have to carry books, which is quite an inconvenience, to be honest. With the help of eBooks, you can carry hundreds of thousands of books at once within your devices. Do you know what that means? There are fewer chances of losing expensive books and more importantly your homework, which could be a nightmare.

iconVarious Learning Sources

Nowadays there are various ways available through which students can learn things, all this, because we’ve got the appropriate technologies for the job. Harnessing the abilities of Google and other document sharing apps, we have now access to real-time learning environments that are hands down the ways to learn. Teachers, on the other hand, can record their lectures or lessons, which later can be accessible to students.


In this ever-evolving world, where technology is breaking down barriers every single day, IoT is proven to be leading the way. With the help of such technology, teachers can now create a connection with their students and communicate with them in a variety of different ways. Moreover, teachers are now able to record their student’s performance; all credit goes to IoT and other relevant software programs.

iconSecurity and Safety

Safety of students is the area of concern for all schools out there, as it can impact their success and learning. With IoT, schools are provided with emergency alerts, marks, and notifications for those who are connected in some way. A combination of these things provides students with a sense of security.

Now that we are done, explaining the benefits of IoT in the education industry, we think it is important for us to mention IoT’s benefits, disadvantages, and the industries apart from education, it can make an impact on. So, without any further ado, let’s begin with its benefits and disadvantages first.

Benefits of IoT

 As we mentioned earlier, IoT is leading its way to greatness. Devices are being made that can get connected and respond like smart devices, like your car, refrigerator, and home speakers. Let’s look at some of the benefits that your business can get.

iconEfficient resource utilization

iconReduced human efforts

iconLowers the cost and bring productivity

iconReal-time marketing

iconDecision analytics

iconBetter customer experiences

iconHigh-quality data

Disadvantages of IoT

IoT has only a handful of disadvantages to its name, which needs to be addressed properly so that you can get a brief on why IoT is being criticized a bit.

iconPrivacy Issues

In this era, there has always been a state of fear that hackers might break into the system and steal your data. So, staying connected might lead to a leak that can benefit hackers in stealing every possible detail that you share quite often.


As IoT can reduce the workload of humans, it is quite obvious that organizations might choose job cuttings as there is minimal need for them. There are high chances of people getting sacked from their jobs. Security guards, wash services, house servants may not be able to work like they used to do before.

iconBecoming lazy

We all can admit to the fact that we prefer things to be done with just a few clicks, instead, carrying out physical activities to make things work out.

iconHighly Dependent Upon Technology

This young generation is highly dependent upon technology even for the simplest of things. The internet and technology have made us accustomed to the ease-of-access. For even the simplest math problem, we tend to depend on the internet, rather than doing it by ourselves.

Now that we are done explaining to you the benefits and drawbacks of IoT, we think this might be the right time to let you know the industries that IoT is said to making its appearance.

IOT App Development company

Some Industries that IoT is Catering To

There are industries that are yet to be working with IoT, so for your convenience, we decided to enlist some of the major ones.

iconThe Medical Industry

This is one of those industries that need to be more advanced, as someone’s life is always dependent. Quite recently, the medical industry is known to be using IoT-based tools which are helping doctors monitor their patients remotely and provide them with proper medication as per the information gathered.

In an emergency, they can prepare themselves for the operation as they have access to pre-recorded data. Moreover, an ambulance can also be dispatched to the patient’s location in just a few seconds.

iconManufacturing Industry

The concept behind using IoT in the manufacturing industry is to attach sensors to their respective devices and collect relevant data from the customers. The data collected can later be used to guide users for predictive maintenance of the assets. The manufacturing industry is adopting IoT tools to bring efficiency in daily productivity and operations.

iconTransportation Industry

Being a rapidly growing industry, transportation has gone through some of the greatest breakthroughs of all time. IoT’s incorporation in transportation can really change things around. For instance, a smart traffic camera can monitor road traffic and keep track of any sorts of accidents, weather conditions, and carry out that data with other cameras. The overall data recorded will be combined and gathered together within the city traffic system.

vcfSo that’s it, those were all the aspects that you needed to know, whether it’s the benefits, disadvantages, and targeted industries, we got you all covered in this blog. And if you’d like to develop an IoT app, then make sure to rely on a trustworthy app Development Company.

Final thoughts

Are you looking forward to making an app that can help you grow your business? If that’s a yes, then feel free to contact us. By “us” we mean Fluper, being an app development company, our developers and teams would be very happy to help you out in the best possible way.

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