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Since the foundation of iPhone in 2008, there has been a gush in iPhone design and development. A lot of applications keep on getting added to the app store every day. In fact, several iOS app development companies are in race to gain a competitive edge in such crowded market. Developing an app itself is a difficult task, then there is this review process from which your app has to go through and get approved. As per estimations, around 16% of the apps that are submitted for review never make it to the App Store for public downloading. If this is your concern, then this is the perfect place for you. Here you will explore some wonderful tips to avoid iOS app rejection from App Store!

So, you have spent hours building your iPhone application! There are several thoughts comes to your mind once your app is ready to publish on App Store. Well, it’s true that submitting your app to the Apple App Store and to get it published is the last and probably the scariest task you need to complete.  What if your iOS app gets rejected? This move can transform your entire journey into a nightmare. The countless hours of planning, testing, and building by the mobile app developers feel wasted. How to handle such rejections in order to get approval from the App Store before going live? Don’t worry! There is a fix for everything.

Before I will start discussing the various ways to avoid common app rejection, let me discuss some of the potential reasons why an app can get rejected by the App Store. In fact, Apple itself publishes the biggest reasons for App rejection. Have a look-

Top Reasons Why Your Apps Get Declined

icon Bugs and Crashes

icon Poor Performance


iconHardware/Software Compatibility

icon Broken Links

icon Bad App UI

icon Inaccurate App Description

With these points, you are aware of the major reasons. Now, it’s time for the real action! If you want to maintain a strong repute as you submit more apps to the iOS app store, you must be ready to compete with their rules. Apple’s support team is really helpful during the review process and you can walk through whatsoever went wrong.

Now, you must be looking for great tips to save your iOS app from rejection. Here, I have covered some wonderful tips so you can build your app stress-free!

Tips to Get Your App Approved on App Store

Great Tips to Avoid iOS App Rejection From App Store

Great Tips to Avoid iOS App Rejection From App Store Write a Detailed Description

One of the most crucial parts of your app is the description. This is how others, including the Apple team, understand what your mobile app is all about. To succeed in the review process, you should give a accurate, and detailed description of the app. Top-rated apps like Careem, Instagram, WhatsApp provide detailed descriptions of exactly what they do.

Great Tips to Avoid iOS App Rejection From App Store Plan Your Push Notifications Precisely

Undoubtedly, push notification is a great way to engage your users who have installed your app. However, make sure you register with the APN (Apple Push Notification) service when including an API into the app or else it will get rejected by the App Store.

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Great Tips to Avoid iOS App Rejection From App Store Effective App Icon and UI

The app icon also plays a foremost role in app publishing. If your app consists of a similar kind of icon which already exists in the App Store, it will definitely face rejection. Your app icon speaks about what your app provides to the users, so, tell your mobile app development company to make an effective app icon. Also, check your app UI shouldn’t look packed up.

Great Tips to Avoid iOS App Rejection From App Store Follow Apple App Store Directives

Well, the greatest thing is that Apple is very clear about its policies and guidelines. This makes it quiet easy to review them before publishing your app to the App Store. Doing this would help you discover any elements of your app that might not be in obedience with the prescribed guidelines or terms & conditions. This gives you a chance to repair these issues and save your app from the hassle of rejection.

Great Tips to Avoid iOS App Rejection From App Store Showcase What’s Unique

Unique is always a winner! When it comes to develop an iOS app, make sure that your app is not the duplication of other apps available on the App Store. Hence when you are building an app, just think what makes your app unique, what is it that it does that no one else has done before you, and what is it that people have probably been looking for in the apps that they are going through. Check all this and then go ahead!

Concluding Note

If you follow the above strategies, you can almost guarantee that your app will be accepted on app store. And once it’s accepted, you’re on your way to launch your app and displaying it to the world. Follow the tips above and you would have no problems getting your app up and running on the Apple App Store in no time. However, if you want expert guidance, then the team of 150+ skilled iOS app developers at Fluper is there to guide you through the whole process!

Fluper team provides iOS application development services for 6+ years and we’ll be happy to help you with your ideas, no matter what platform you choose.



Being a Delivery Head at Fluper, Sukhmander is responsible for the on-time delivery of projects. With its previous years of experience, he has mastered the art of building mobile apps that fulfill the necessities of clients effortlessly. Mr. Sukhmander has become a perfect example of dedication and discipline for all.

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