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Google seems to get hold of Firework, an app that lets users make & share short videos, reports The Wall Street Journal. It could aid Google to contend with TikTok, a free short format video application, which has more than 500 million monthly users across the globe.

Firework works parallel to TikTok as it lets users produce, as well as uploaded a 30-second video. Dissimilar to TikTok which is intended at typical teens, Firework aims old users. The app was developed by the former employees of SnapChat & LinkedIn. Located in Redwood City, California, this application was valued more than $100M in fundraising previously. The corporation says that millions of users have downloaded the Firework app, which is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Weibo, the podium dubbed as China’s Twitter, is even attracted to acquire Firework. Nevertheless, Google is probably the frontrunner in getting hold of Firework.

The fame of TikTok, as well as the bang of the social video space, can be the cause why Google has exposed attention in acquiring Firework, Beijing-based ByteDance that is valued at $75B a late previous year, is after the viral application TikTok. The social app, introduced in China as “Douyin” in 2016, has become the initial Chinese social media application that made huge on a worldwide scale.

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With more than 1 billion downloads, TikTok’s reputation is being viewed as a danger to Google’s YouTube, having 2 billion users. The well-liked short-video application is giving fierce opposition to Facebook, the social networking giant, which owns WhatsApp & Instagram. The previous year, Facebook released its own short-video sharing application Lasso, which permits users to generate fun and short videos developed to acquire TikTok. Nonetheless, the application couldn’t administer to discontinue TikTok’s increase in the US.

However, the mounting commonly of TikTok in the middle of the Generation-Z has even approached with several controversies. In February, the admired social video stage was strike with documentation $5.7M fine for gathering the information for kids below 13 years. In India, where the mobile application has 120M users, TikTok was drawn from app stores in April over fears it was revealing teens the unsuitable. The forbid was lifted following two weeks later than ByteDance, the app developer, after the social app productively appealed to the courtyard ruling.


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