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Popular web mapping service app, Google Maps to soon roll out a new community feed feature for its users worldwide. This Facebook inspired feature will enable the users in finding recommendations as well as updates from reliable local sources.

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Users will now be able to view latest photos, videos, reviews, and whatnot by tapping on to the Explore Tab of the Google Maps. This community feed feature will allow users to view posts shared by the people and businesses they chose to follow. The use of this feature will enable the users in liking the posts and following new businesses and people apart from saving locations of certain places they feel like.

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Both android and iOS users will be able to use this new community add feature on their Google Maps app. This feature will appear as soon as the users click on the Explore tab option. Upon tapping on the Explore tab option, users will be able to open it and swipe up for having a look at the ratings and reviews, photos, update addresses and answer to the questions posted by other users.

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This amazing feature is already rolling out for iOS and android users but in a staggered manner. Users can expect the roll out of the new community feed feature on their Google Maps anytime soon now.


Google Maps app will be adding a new community add feature for its android and iOS users. This amazing feature is inspired from Facebook and it will appear for users in the Explore tab option. Users can use this feature for reviewing posts and pictures apart from following new businesses and users and save their choice of locations.


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