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Google Maps are now seeking to expand the mixed-mode shuttle alternative to other cities so that people can move around every day in India more conveniently and quickly.

A combination of several available public transports to access a specific destination is shown in the “Mix Mode”. “The Google Maps public transport category tells consumers of a path that blends auto-rickshaw and public transport,” says Jen Fitzpatrick, vice president, Google Maps. Combines the most cost-effective and convenient forms of travel options, such as commuter buses, the subways and the auto rickshaws.


Delhi and Bangalore have the feature available and we want to expand it to other cities across India. This feature allows you to see useful information about when to stop your drive and the trains, when the next train leaves or how long it will take from location to destination while you are commuting.

Google Has Increased Its Commute Option

Explore feature helps users find places in the area, including bars, stores, film centers, and local sights. The Commute feature allows users to schedule their commute by providing traffic updates, travel times and alternative routes in real-time.

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Google Maps has just turned 15 and a few new features have been added, celebrate its fifteen years on the road for the mobile app. A newly designed utility button, two additional buttons and the tabs “Contribute” and “Updates,” were introduced to the convenient navigation app. The “To You” button has also been substituted by a “Saved” tab. Fitzpatrick has sometimes listed the 14 features incorporated by Google in the charts.

Out of these 14 attributes, eight had begun in India, six were influenced by India. She added: as an instance, the public toilet knowledge was influenced by the project “Swachh Bharat.” Yes, in a total of 2300 cities around India, Google Maps currently shows more than 57,000 toilets. It was launched as a pilot in New Delhi, Bhopal and Indore in 2016 in three different cities.



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