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Google has halfway with its developer relations’ VP for Google Cloud after a consecutive all-hands meeting. The Vice President of Engineering & Product for Google Cloud, Eyal Manor has stated through an email to staff on Thursday evening that he wanted to share that today is Amr Awadallah’s last day at Google. He also said effective instantly the Cloud DevRel company will report to Ben Jackson, the person who will report to Pali Bhat. 

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Manor carries on to admire the team for supporting Cloud’s “massive growth” when thanking them for extending cultural problems. Manor said that “I know it has been particularly challenging with a number of organizational changes and leadership transitions while we’ve all been navigating a global pandemic and don’t have the benefit of connecting in person together like we used to.

The Developer Relations for Google Cloud’s Vice President, Amr Awadallah has joined the organization in 2019. He wrote a 10,000-word manifesto about his past anti-semitism in June on LinkedIn which he named “We Are One”. it is mostly based on his personal anecdotes. During the conversations between numerous employees, it could understand that on Wednesday they explain a contentious staff meeting that happens which is related to the manifesto. Internal complaint documentation was also noticed and some employees said that the reply of that meeting was provided by the team to more than 100 employees on Thursday. Native Mobile App Development Company

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