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Golden is declaring that it has attained $14.5M in Series funding. This round was led by the former sponsor Andreessen Horowitz, with the organization’s co-founder Marc Andreessen amalgamating the board of directors of the startup. 

In the last year, when Golden released, CEO and founder Jude Gomila informed about his objective to build a knowledge base centered on regions where the coverage of Wikipedia is often spotty, especially growing startups and technology.

Gomila said that “companies, technologies, and the people involved in the” stay Golden’s power. In that intelligence, you can view it as an entrant to Crunchbase. However, with a much better emphasis on illuminating and “clustering” data on huge topics, such as COVID-19 and quantum computing, rather than just cumulating chief data about organizations and people.

In distinction to Wikipedia, which depends on society editors, Gomila informed the majority of the information in Golden is collected with the help of AI and usual language processing: “We’re using AI to extract information from the news, from websites, from public databases.”

“The ultimate aim is to try and automate as much of this as possible,” Gomila said. “[For now,] this hybrid is the most effective method.”

Golden has even begun functioning with paying users including private equity organizations, VCs, biotechnology organizations, hedge funds, commercial innovation government firms, and offices— in fact, it articulates it signed a $1M agreement with the United States Air Force this year.

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Moreover, Golden has raised a sum of $19.5M. Additional sponsors in the fresh funding include DCVC, Gigafund, and Harpoon Ventures.

Andreessen said in a statement, “Golden’s knowledge base and research engine aggregates information about emerging technologies and the companies, investors, and the builders behind them.” In another statement, he mentioned, “Human and machine intelligence, working together on Golden’s platform, results in knowledge which gives people the edge in making decisions and navigating uncertainty.”Disclaimer

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