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The desktop world showcases browsers like internet explorer, firefox, safari, and chrome but all that we hear are just two names chrome and safari. The war between both the browsers is never ending and will continue to remain till the two are in business. Chrome is Google’s product just like Android and on the other hand, we have Safari, an Apple’s Original and in business since 2003. So what we are going to do is compare and try to find a winner out of these two most viewed browsers.

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  • Prompt Performance
    No matter how annoying chrome may but it is faster than safari due to its capability of making full use of CPU memory to load pages. The extension library for chrome is way bigger than that of safari which makes it perform better under pressure despite lack of native features.

native mobile app

  • User-Friendly For user experience, i will have to give Safari full points not because its popular for its “I am native and will continue to be” tags rather because it actually adds on some user-friendly elements to its browser synchronizing with ios app development team of theirs and to name a few
    — Reading list feature
    –Push Notifications
    — New Tab Page

best ios app development


  • Recent Interfaces
    At a glance safari has got some modern interfacing features such as bookmark bar does not have icon displaying, the tab bar remains perfectly below the address bar and the display is totally centered. In the end, i would rather pick chrome for having updated interfaces that makes tab management easier plus you can reopen more than one already closed tabs and lot more.

modern interfacing features

  • Multiple Extensions 
    Google chrome masters the multiple extensions on its browser because its friendly with everyone and allows not so fancy extensions to go on without any speed breakers whereas if you are an introvert and don’t want to see too many adds or plug-ins switch to safari it keeps all the Javascript blockers away for an uninterrupted browsing time of yours. So it totally depends on your requirement.



  • Native Nature
    The native nature of Apple Inc. Is its strength that makes Apple what it is, they have patents of almost everything they do and they are pretty protective of it. Mobile app developers at Google has launched chrome as an app on Google store and its even available at iTunes which makes it a little less likable to the people who have no interest in a world that exists outside world (i.e iPad, iPhone, iTunes, iwork lovers).

  • Exclusive Built-in features
    The unique feature of safari doesn’t need any extensions or plug-ins because it has it all but only if you are working with Apple Gadgets throughout right from your smartwatch to your iPhone to your Macbook. It is like entering a supermarket with everything you need in under a single roof plus don’t forget your credit card at home.

unique feature of safari

  • Better Resource Management
    Now the full usage of CPU memory works for a chrome and makes it faster but safari makes the best use of available resources with minimum memory usage resulting in less power drain and hence iPhone with Safari has a longer battery life than a chrome installed SmartPhones.

 iPhone with Safari

Whats your Pick?
 “Uuuufff” that took hell lot of thinking and the decision still seems to be in a pickle because one’s advantage is others weakness. Both the browsers might have to come up with a final showdown features to convince the audience but for now to settle the score lets just take the help of the statistics that says Chrome comprises approx. 51%(including Chrome for Android and Chrome 63.0)  of the browser Version market share worldwide as per the recent data whereas Safari has approx. 10% market share and the rest is divided into other browsers.

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