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Fluper is a mobile app development company which specializes in building mobile apps for multiple platforms and also provides the branding and promotion for the business of their clients. We have been in the business from 5+ years and totally happy to be grown into a 5 year old overcoming the challenges to have a name in the market. Our team is the best in the making of the mobile apps and that was not achieved in a day but the dedicated days are worth when the company is recognized and FLUPER has been recognized as number one in the list of top mobile app development companies in Dubai.

A walkthrough Fluper

Fluper is a team of 100+ professionals ready to implement their technical experience and knowledge into making of mobile apps for distinct business ideas. The persistence of going ahead with 200+ projects in our basket is collaboration of innovation and technique which Fluper has mastered and can only turn back to rejoice the hurdles with a smile.Lets take a look at the functionality of Fluper

icon Healthy Environment

fluper environment

The environment around you is equally responsible for your performance as are the skills. Fluper makes sure the ambiance for its employees is full of miniature breaks between work to ponder the ideas during work instead of sticking to the seat for hours format.


Distributed Pressure

work environment

A wise man once said it is easy to break a single stick but a bunch of stick is hard to break, thats what Fluper preaches and follows. Fluid performers are the sticks bearing different responsibilities and putting a considerate pressure on each stick as Fluper Strong and healthy.


Satisfied Clients

fluper client

Every project is embedded with a part of Fluper because the making of each mobile app takes every fluid performers time and energy so the successful projects are Flupers assets. We happen to construct a nutrious relationship with its clients to always be ready with their doubts about the development of their business app. Fluper lays down a strategic analysis and methodology in the different sectors that require app development to deliver the best of he technology to the mob.


Uplifting New Talent

new joinees

Every year fresh brains step into the working field and they have the ability to explore their fresh knowledge to innovative strategies and development. Fluper welcomes new talent every year and believes in creating opportunities


Keeping up with Technology

android app development

We are a technology based company and very well aware of the technological trends in the market in iOS as well as Android app development. The dynamic nature of the market is a piece of cake of Fluper because the fundamentals makes its foundation strong and adaptability makes it enterprising.


HR activities

The HR team at fluper is not a liability to Fluper because the efforts of the team keeps the fluid performers go on without any worries back in their head. Stress is an intangible factor for employees discomfort and Fluper believes in keeping its team intact and happy. Fun activities and enjoyment are the cure of stressful brain and there is no room for all these in Fluper area.


Birthday Celebrations

birthday celebration

Fluid performers need to be happy as they spend maximum hours of their day in the Fluper premises so it is Flupers responsibility to highlight the days of their life beautifully and the growth is a proof that we have succeded.


Festive Fluper

fluper festival

Fluper is always ready for the festivals which is a sign of positivity and we want all the positives vibe in the building to radiate good work. Every festival is full of joy and empolyee engagement in the office area and the work can wait because after every celebration the working efficiency doubles and Fluid performers are energised twice.


The understanding of business needs and employee satisfaction is all it takes into delivering the business solutions efficiently and timely with zero setbacks Fluper proudly announces itself as a technology provider in the field of mobile app development for businessmen for the global growth.

Richa Sharma

Coo of Fluper, Perfect blend of beauty, style and intelligence highlighted by sudden sparks of enthusiasm.

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