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When it comes to providing the best experience of the latest technology, no one matches the level of tech giant Apple. The company always offers innovation in its every product to offer something better than others to its users. The reason behind the success of Apple products even after having high prices is that they provide something innovative with its every update. Due to this, the users of Apple products eagerly wait for its latest update and product to get something beyond imagination and Apple never compromised with the hope of their users.

Recently Apple launched its most awaited update to the iPad OS 13 and iOS 13 operating system. The updates are iOS 13.3 and iPad OS 13.3. This update comes after Apple’s iOS 13.2 update, which launched in last month that brings different emojis. But with its latest update, Apple tried to bring numerous fixes and also some new features to enhance the experience of the users.

So, through this article, we are going to know about the iOS 13.3 features and improvements as well as iPad OS 13.3 features which allows iOS app Development Company to deliver something advance to its users.

Features in iOS 13.3 and iPad OS 13.3

Features in iOS 13.3

The latest update in the iOS is highly advanced and unique in comparison to its previous update. In this update, there are some features that finally launched as these were set to release in the last update but delay due to some reason. So, now let’s point out these features;

Screen Time

There are various new features that were set to release with iOS 13 updates but delayed due to issues. One of the features from that is a Communication limit for Screen Time. This feature helps parents in controlling the communication of their children using Apple apps. This helps in knowing that from whom your child is communicating using Messages and Phone. It also allows parents to handle the contact details of their kid’s phones but still, emergency contacts are enabled to help in any emergency. This update allows you to keep eyes on their mobile usage and limits their screen time.

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Physical key Security support

In the latest 13.3 updates, Apple has offered native support for USB, NFC, and FIO2 and also provide security key like YubiKey in safari.  The security key YubiKey also provides help to YubiKey 5Ci in order to provide supports for the physical authentication in the USB-C port of iOS gadgets like iPhone and iPad. This latest update comes with a major security improvement for the devices and the browser named Safari in iOS devices provides support to FIDO2 security keys which are used by USB, Lighting, and NFC.

Hide stickers like animoji and memoji

In this latest update, you will find a feature through which you can hide the animoji and memoji stickers. There is an option comes with update which allows you to stop displaying memoji and animoji stickers from the Emoji keyboard which you can get from the Keyboards in Settings. It is because sometimes, the users don’t want to use such emoji and these emojis irritate him while using the keyboard.

Apple news

The latest update brings innovation in the format of Apple news and also brings stories from different journals. It also offers you an option of hit like and dislikes on the stories by just a click. The most important thing in this update is that now the stories in the Apple news come with three different languages Canadian, English, and French. There is also a label of breaking and developing for the top stories. If you continue reading with the same links than it automatically provides you more stories from the related links of the same publication.

Store edited video

The latest update also enhanced the experience of video editing as it offers you an option to save the edited video as a new video instead of saving it in place of the original video. Now you can make two different clips of the same video; one is the original one and another one is edited. Previously if you start editing video from an inbuilt editor than you can’t get the original video and you have to compromise with it, but now you can save both clips of the same video.

Apple Watch app

With the latest update in Apple, the color of the Digital Crown, an app icon of Apple Watch turned into gray instead of black. Now Digital crown comes with a gray color that was previously black in color.

This update also includes some improvements and bug fixes. So the improvements that come with this update are;


iconIt enables the formation of a new video clip when you are trimming a video in images.

iconIt also fixes the issue of the mail that stopped you from downloading the new messages. As previously it was seen in some instant.

iconIt also fixes the issue of removing messages from the Gmail accounts as earlier the service was blocked.

iconIt fixes the issue of the cursor where it was unable to move even after the long press of the space bar.

iconThe issue of the blurry screenshots is also resolved through this update.

iconThe update also solved the issue of cropping and making use of markup in screenshots that can’t be saved.

iconIt also resolved the issue of Voice Memos when these memos can’t be shared with any other audio app.

iconIt also solved the issue of missed call badge as it was not clear in the phone app.

iconIt also resolved the issues of the Cellular data setting.

iconIt also resolved the issue of restricted disabling Dark Mode when Smart Invert is permitted.

iconIt also resolves the issue of slow wireless charging.

iconIt also solves the issue of wrong letters display in messages and also duplication of sent messages when accounts are exchanged.

How to install the latest update on iOS devices?

Updates on iOS Devices

To install the latest version of the update on your Apple device, you have to go to the setting and then select general in the setting. At last, there is an option of a software update from where you get the latest update.

Setting> General> Software Update


With its latest update iOS 13.3 and iPad OS 13.3, Apple tried to resolve some issues that it was unable to solve in its last update. This update comes with a lot of improvements and new features to deliver a better experience to its users and also provides the experience of the latest technology. These updates provide helps to both users and developers to experience something innovative. To get the best services of iOS you need to hire iOS app developers and iPad app developers from the leading iPad App Development Company.


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