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Will there be any end to the decade old battle: Android versus iOS?? This is an ambiguous question open to a lengthy and powerful debate. Apple has continuously showcased its innovative artistry flaunting in most of its iPhone handsets. Yet Google never lagged behind. It is highly proactive in quickly meeting the challenges thrown by Apple either in terms of updating the Operating system, new technical improvement or user engaging applications for the App stores. Both Android app developer as well as iOS application developers, around the world, compete with each other in designing the best apps for their respective platforms. Understanding the Play store algorithms is highly crucial for mobile app developers. Both Google and Apple keep revamping their respective app stores to enhance usage in credibility.

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Yet Google Play store has always remained a popular choice among mobile developers especially among android mobile app development companies irrespective of the fact that Apple beats Google in creativity and innovation by offering high-end devices.

So, which are the factors that make Google Play store the choicest option against Apple app store??

  • Play store more developer friendly- Apple is known for observing stringent rules towards any new application or game to be uploaded to the app store to live up to its reputation of rendering quality assured applications. This increases the risk of incurring the loss of thousands of hours in developing the app only to get ultimately rejected. For amateurs, Google Play store offers the idle platform to upload the beta version of the app and check for user reviews.
  • Applications easily traceable in the Play store- If you search for a more specific application from the app store, Apple is highly unlikely the better option since the user query is compared against only those keywords that developers manually enter into a keyword section existing specifically for this purpose. Google, on the other hand, scan even the descriptions of the apps to seek out the ones that best resemble your series of keywords or a phrase query.
  • Potent web interface for Google Play- It is that simple for either iOS or Android users to experience the apps designed for the other platform. But when it comes to accessing the same via the web browser of a PC or laptop. Google Play Store has the option to install an app directly to your Android smartphone or tablet right from web browser. But the user needs to navigate to the app on the Apple App Store on either of their iOS devices in order to actually install the application.
  • Android apps are less expensive- Apple applications are quite expensive aptly reflecting the fact that the iPhone app developers actually break their back in designing bugs free high-quality apps that get accepted at once. On the contrary, the relaxed attitude of Google Play store only contributes towards increasing the competition for the applications yet available for either no or minimal rates. Any amateur can upload an app in the Google Play Store.
  • More informative against Apple app store- Applications uploaded in the Apple app store only provide screenshots with the apps’ information separated in two unequal columns. In comparison, Google Play store provides screenshots accompanied by video either commercially made by the app’s developer or a brief recording of the app in use to correctly explain the app functionalities coupled with easy navigation sums up to offer better guidance in downloading the app.
  • Broader device compatibility- Android Operating System supports multiple devices and tablets. Most of the Android applications are designed to support both the smartphone and the tablet alike. For now, iOS apps are not often adapted to multi devices and the iOS OS is iPhone and iPad centric only limiting the market for iOS app developers.
  • Social Factor involved- Mostly apps are downloaded by referring to the user ratings and feedbacks. If any known user fed their opinion that becomes a personal recommendation. Now applications including games connect users together. This is a different story with Apple app store that gives more of a solitary experience. There are app reviews, but they are not upfront like those on the Google Play Store since it encourages users to make their selection based on the app merits rather than the opinions of others.

Wrapping Up

No doubt Google Play Store offers myriad benefits for the application developers, yet Apple App Store is not devoid of strengths. Both come with their own sets of Pros and Cons. Android application developers have the entire Play store placed to them on a platter.

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